Black Alumni Network


Since Episcopal integrated in 1968, approximately 370 Black and African American students have graduated from the School and joined the ranks of our more than 5,000 alumni. They may be underrepresented at reunions and other alumni gatherings, but collectively, they are talented, highly educated, and successful in many ways.

In the summer of 2020, Associate Director of Admissions Jonathan Lee '01 set out to both highlight the accomplishments of his fellow alumni and support the antiracism protests around the country. Lee created the hashtag campaign #BlackSuccessFromEHS, creating dozens of profiles of our Black alumni that honor and celebrate the successes they have forged in what at times have been difficult circumstances.

Jonathan Lee '01, founder of Bridging Legacies Across Campuses

Education is key to unlocking doors, breaking down barriers, and breaking misconceptions. Through the #BlackSuccessFromEHS social media campaign, many in the Black community are becoming aware of the unique opportunities for success at schools like Episcopal.