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All boarding, grades 9-12 in Alexandria, Virginia

Advanced, Honors & Independent Study

For those students seeking additional academic challenges, EHS offers more than 40 Honors or Advanced courses. These courses are offered to students who have met specific departmental criteria for excellence, including test scores and grades in prior courses. Honors and Advanced classes are available in required courses such as English, math, social studies, science, and foreign languages, as well as in many electives. Last year, approximately 85% of students taking AP exams achieved a score of three or better.
The following Advanced courses are offered to students who have met specific departmental criteria for excellence, including test scores and grades in prior courses:
Art History
Calculus AB
Calculus BC
Chinese Language
Computer Science
Engineering II
English 3: American Literature
English 4: British Literature
Environmental Science
French Language
German Language
Global Energy
Human Geography
Topics in Latin: Caesar and Vergil
Topics in Latin I : Rare Books
Topics in Latin II: Rare Books
Linear Algebra
Topics in Applied Mathematics 2
Multivariable/Vector Calculus
Music Recording
Music Theory
Physics 1 
Physics C
Spanish Language
Spanish Literature
Studio Art: 2-D Design Portfolio
Studio Art: 3-D Design Portfolio
Studio Art: Drawing Portfolio
United States Government
United States History
For those students who would like to pursue academic work in unusual depth, Episcopal offers the opportunity for independent study. Students, along with a faculty mentor and the assistant head for academics, can develop a course that covers any topic that the student would like to further explore. This will supplement regular course work and is usually a semester-long endeavor which is graded and for which the student earns credit. In the past, students have delved into their areas of interest by taking advanced language courses, examining historical people and places, and in-depth studies of theater, literature, or theology.
A few recent examples include:
  • Number Theory
  • Discrete Math
  • Operating Systems Design
  • Hermann Hesse: Life and Works
  • Advanced Chinese Writing
  • A German Literature Survey
  • The Role of Art in Religion
  • Participation in the Folger Shakespeare Library Fellowship Program

All independent study projects will be in addition to the student’s regular course work and must be approved by the assistant head for academics. The independent study, which is usually a semester-long endeavor, is graded and students can earn one half credit that is factored into their overall grade point average.

Rick Stubbs, Mathematics Teacher

It is the fact that there are so many students at EHS who strive for a bit more that makes teaching here such a pleasure. Each day the students arrive in class with enthusiasm and a sense of purpose - and a sense of humor! I work with teachers who recognize that we teach students more than we teach math, and we work closely together to best serve our students. It is the joy of working with young people with this kind of spirit that keeps me looking forward to the start of the school year each September.
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