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Welcome to the Hill

Welcome to Episcopal High School

We are delighted that you have found us, and we hope to have an opportunity to get to know more about you as well. We are especially proud of our school and our students and feel that so many of our community’s special qualities are highlighted in the various sections of our website. We also urge you to visit the campus in person, if possible.
One can’t help but be captivated by the enthusiasm, curiosity, creativity, and genuine warmth of the very special group of adults and young people from around the country and around the world who live and learn together in this 100% boarding community.

In this day and age when we are all grappling with an increasing pace of change, competitive environment, and complexity of our shrinking global community, Episcopal is uniquely positioned to prepare our students not just to excel in outstanding colleges and universities but to take their place as caring and gifted leaders on a local and global level. For more than 180 years our students have thrived in our school’s rich array of academic offerings, embraced our commitment to personal honor, ethical leadership, and spiritual growth, and been guided and inspired by the close and caring relationships they develop with the adults here. Preparation for true leadership in this quickly changing future, however, demands that we offer our students even more. Our School’s innovative approach to curriculum and program that dives deeply into the opportunities and global connections of Washington, D.C., sets us apart and offers our students an educational experience unlike any other.

So please enjoy your virtual visit with us and stop by our campus in person whenever you can. I look forward to meeting you and introducing you to all about the school that makes me so proud to be here as Head of School. There is no role more fulfilling than preparing young people with the strength of character, intellectual capabilities, and life skills necessary to make a true and enduring difference in the lives of those around them. Come experience the magic that is Episcopal.


Charles M. Stillwell
Head of School