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Le Collège Stanislas de Paris Exchange

The France study abroad program is a student-exchange program with le Collège Stanislas de Paris, a partnership that has been in place with EHS for over 25 years.

Collège Stanislas is a prestigious, private Catholic school in Paris, situated on Rue Notre-Dame-des-Champs in the sixth arrondissement. It has approximately 3,000 students and is the one of the top private schools in France.

In previous years...

Stanislas students and teachers come to EHS for three weeks during the spring semester to live in the dorms with EHS host students, attend classes, and visit the D.C. area.

The EHS host students then travel to France for three weeks in June to live with the families of their French exchange students. A typical day in Paris is very full and involves morning classes at the Collège Stanislas, afternoon cultural excursions and evening activities with the host families. The French professors from Stanislas are Parisians who already know our students from their visit in April. They give individualized language classes in which the course content emphasizes conversational fluency and preparation for the afternoon visits with information on history, art, and general culture.

The trip will not only familiarize the students with Paris and its rich historical past and monuments, but day trips and weekend excursions will also expose them to surrounding sites and remarkable architecture of Paris region. In the past few years the students have discovered Versailles, Chartres, Vaux-le-Vicomte, and Fontainebleau. Each year a longer four-day trip of broader geographical and cultural exposure is also planned. Cannes, Nice, Bordeaux, St. Malo, and Mont St. Michel have been visited in recent years.

When available, this summer exchange program is ideal for students eager to take on the challenges of a program of linguistic and cultural immersion.

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Student Qualifications: Students must have satisfactorily completed French 2 and be at least 15 years of age by the time the trip begins.

For more information, contact Program Coordinator Mrs. Eleanor Moore.