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Spanish Study Abroad
Summer 2020

A memorable three weeks in Seville, Spain awaits. The success of this program is due to the enthusiasm of the students, teachers, and families; the variety of activities; and the wonderful camaraderie that develops during these exciting weeks in Europe.

A group of approximately 15 students will travel to Seville, Spain, on this school-sponsored reciprocal exchange program with El Colegio Buenaventurada Virgen María Irlandesas de Bami coordinated by the Center for Cross-Cultural Study. Participation is by application only for students who have successfully completed Spanish 2.

The Spanish adventure is based in the city of Sevilla, which is located in Southern Spain, about 300 miles southwest of the capital city of Madrid. Sevilla is the artistic, cultural, and financial capital of Southern Spain and the fourth largest metropolitan area of Spain.

The trip will not only familiarize students with Sevilla, but will also expose them to other surrounding historical sights including, Córdoba, Granada, Palos de la Frontera, Itálica.

A reciprocal exchange program established six years ago between EHS and El Colegio Buenaventurada Virgen María Irlandesas de Bami (more commonly referred to as "Las Irlandesas"), EHS students spend three weeks during the summer in Seville with Irlandesas students, followed by the Irlandesas students traveling to the U.S. to participate in a two-week program at EHS in September. This exchange program is coordinated by the Center for Cross-Cultural Study.


Upon arrival in Seville, our students are welcomed by homestay families whose children are students at Las Irlandesas, and serve as host partners, better known as "intercambios," to our students. Together with their Spanish hosts, the students tour the beautiful region of Andalucía.


EHS students attend classes five days-a-week studying Spanish language, history, and culture at the Center for Cross Cultural Study (CC-CS) located in the historic heart of Seville. Courses include:
  • Intermediate Spanish Language (Two groups for 3 hours/day for a total of 42 hours)
  • Foundations of Spanish Culture (One group for 1-hour sessions for a total of 6 hours)
All courses are taught by CC-CS professionals with academic support, including access to an onsite writing center and reinforcement of language learning through a Spanish-only policy. 


Study trips, cultural activities, and excursions include a walking tour of Córdoba/Granada, kayaking on the river, theater and concert outings, cooking lessons, a flamenco workshop and show, and a visit to historic Corrida de Toros.

Program Coordinator

List of 2 members.

  • Photo of Douglas Daza-Quintero

    Douglas Daza-Quintero 

    Spanish Teacher
  • Photo of Catherine Gómez-Goodnow

    Catherine G√≥mez-Goodnow 

    Teacher - Spanish

Deadlines & Details

Student Qualifications: Students must have satisfactorily completed Spanish II.

Application Deadline:
 November 4, 2019

Trip Dates: 
June 11 - July 4, 2020

Estimated Cost:
 $4,250 (Includes all hotels, meals, and transportation within Spain; daily excursions, entrance fees, cooking lessons, and classroom materials. Airfare and personal expenses are not included in the cost of the trip)

Students are welcome to take the same flight as the Program Coordinator from Washington, D.C., to Seville. At a minimum, all students must arrive in Seville on the same day.  

For more information, contact Program Coordinator Douglas Daza-Quintero. To learn more about the Center for Cross Cultural Study, please visit: