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A thread running through the goals of the 2018 Strategic Plan is creating the healthiest and most robust residential life experience possible. Episcopal must take as much advantage of, and care in planning, all 24 hours of our students' experience as we do the academic day. To that end, we are developing an enhanced Residential Life curriculum, and the construction of two new dormitories — while maintaining our current student population of roughly 440 — is vital to this plan.

More Connective Moments: We know that we can best amplify the impact of the new curriculum by having more faculty physically living on dorm. As Episcopal has grown and evolved over time, so have our dormitories. While our classroom student to faculty ratio is an impressive 8:1, our dormitory ratio is currently at a much higher 23:1. Our goal is to bring that residential ratio down to 15:1.

Such an improvement not only brings us more in line with our peer schools, but, more importantly, it is a ratio we know will be most conducive to delivering our mission and the School’s commitment to families. Ensuring that our talented faculty and staff are available wherever and whenever learning opportunities present themselves is critical to our success.

Building the Spaces: The School is constructing two new 36-bed dormitories, each with three faculty residences, lowering the student-to-faculty ratios in each dorm on campus and de-densifying our students’ living spaces, as enrollment will not increase. Construction began in June 2021 and is scheduled to be complete in the 2022-23 school year.

EHS Core Belief

Relationships in which students are known, valued, and supported are critical for academic success and character development, and they flourish most powerfully in a 100 percent residential community.