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Something Bigger Than Ourselves

Since its founding, Episcopal High School has maintained a commitment to developing the spiritual life of each student. Episcopal, as the name would imply, is an Episcopal school, but what does that mean?

For us, it means you will see the liturgy of the Episcopal Church in our services. It means we offer a weekly optional Sunday services with communion. It means we offer baptism and confirmation to community members who are seeking that when the Bishop of Virginia comes to visit every spring.

What being an Episcopal school also means is that we are a community that works to draw the circle wide to mirror the diversity of our community, including all faith traditions, cultures, races, gender and sexual identities, and community members who choose not to participate in organized religion.

Being in Washington, D.C., we are fortunate to have many houses of worship, including synagogues and mosques, where students can seek an off-campus experience and we offer a worship shuttle on the weekends. We also offer a Christian Fellowship group and an affinity group for non-Christian students for more intentional fellowship.

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  • Chapel Services

    Attending chapel services three times a week gives students and teachers alike a sense of community and a time for reflection and renewal. Students frequently take leadership roles in chapel services through talks, readings, and musical presentations. The School also ensures that every student has access and transportation to services at his or her house of worship, a broad range of which are found just minutes from campus.

    During the season of distance learning, chapel services continue in a virtual manner. Service elements created by members of the community from all over the world are submitted and put together for the twice-weekly community gatherings. Watch previous services on LocalLive.
  • Chapel Talks

    Organized and run by student members of the Vestry, Friday chapel services provide a forum for community members to speak to the School about a topic that has special meaning to them. These chapel talks can be funny, insightful, challenging, moving, and often deeply personal. Each topic resonates differently with the community, but all leave a lasting impression, one that stays with the listener long after graduation. Chapel Talks are available to all members of the community, including parents and alumni, via our streaming web service, LocalLive.
  • Portrait In Faith

    Portrait in Faith is an annual program that offers powerful models in Christian faith to Episcopal students in the hope that their lives will be informed, shaped, and inspired by courageous men and women. This companion event to the Theologian-in-Residence program was established in 1994 by Reginald E. Rutledge ’51 in honor of his wife, the Rev. Fleming Rutledge, and his family members who attended EHS.
  • Student Vestry

    The Vestry is a student organization that works with the chaplains and strives to help students to grow in their relationship to God. The Vestry challenges our community to participate in all aspects of chapel life at EHS and creates opportunities for students to question their beliefs in a safe environment. In addition, they support the work of the chapel and the various student roles within it.
  • Theologian-In-Residence

    The Theologian-in-Residence Program is an annual series designed to offer to students, faculty, and friends of EHS the chance to establish a foundation for a faith to light their path. Aimed at inviting Christian preachers, teachers, and theologians who will testify to Christ crucified and to God's unconditional love, this program recognizes these individuals for their steadfastness in combining scriptural teaching with the preaching of a vigorous, contemporary Christianity.
  • Weekend Worship Opportunities & Resources

    Here is a brief list of local places and EHS resources that can get you to places further afield. Also, use this Google form to submit any specific worship requests or questions to the Chaplain's Office so we can better support you. Remember that you need to fill out a day leave to attend any event off campus.
    Fridays and Saturdays
    Bethel Synagogue is walking distance from EHS on Seminary Road. Check out their website for worship details on Friday evening and Saturday morning.

    Sunday Shuttles
    • Holy Trinity Church provides a shuttle to their service in Mclean. The shuttle leaves from the Front Circle at 9 AM, returning to campus at 12:30 PM. Please fill out this form to let us know you are planning on attending.
    • Episcopal provides a shuttle to Metro Church in Fairfax. This shuttle leaves at 8:15 AM from the Front Circle, returning around 10:30 AM. Please fill out this form to let us know you are planning on attending.
    • Ms. Halm also offers a shuttle to Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church, where she attends with her family and other EHS families. Please email her to let her know you are interested in attending!
    Sunday Walking Distance
    We are within walking distance of a number of Christian denominational churches. Here are a few. Check out their website for service times and locations:
    Sunday (on-campus)
    • On the second Sunday of every month, Imam Ali Siddiqui will be on campus for brunch, study, and fellowship with our Muslim students. Look for communication from Vestry member Shawn Mustafa the week of the gathering.
    • Lastly, we offer Sunday church with contemporary music every Sunday in Callaway Chapel at 5 p.m. with one of your chaplains presiding and Pete Nunnally, leader of Virginia Seminary's Prayer and Praise Band, leading music.

Meet the Chaplains

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  • Richmond Jones 

    Assistant Chaplain
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    Betsy Carmody 

    Head Chaplain
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    Thom Hummel