Episcopal High School

Guided by its founding principles of honor, academic distinction, spiritual growth, and community, Episcopal High School prepares young people with the intellectual and moral courage to pursue lives of ethical leadership and service as citizens of an increasingly connected world.

The "Courageous Action" qualities noted in the photos above come from Episcopal's Portrait of a Graduate. Click the link to view more of the qualities around which we measure the effectiveness of our mission.

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  • A vast majority of the student body took shuttles or walked to SSSAS to cheer on the Maroon girls' teams on October 4.

    This One's For the Girls

    Over its 12 years of existence, the Seminary Hill Cup has become a cherished tradition as it celebrates both the community power of a healthy rivalry and the sisterhood built out of athletic competition.
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Staying Social

    The World Is Closer Here

    Wake up each morning surrounded by friends. Spend your days with teachers who know you so well they are practically family. Live and learn and work and play in a beautiful place that feels almost like home.

    Here you are minutes from the heart of the nation's capital, where you will go often to learn how the world works as you prepare for your future. At every step you are valued, challenged, and supported. Along the way, you will discover who you are – and what you might become.