Opportunities & Philosophy

Afternoon Opportunities

Episcopal aims for every student to experience interscholastic athletic competition, no matter his or her ability and talent. As a result, physical education requirements usually are met through participation on an interscholastic team, and participation intramural and conditioning programs offered is usually limited to older students.

Episcopal’s Afternoon Activities Program is designed to provide a quality, structured experience that, through athletic and/or artistic pursuit, imbues values such as teamwork, sportsmanship, creativity, and competition while encouraging students to develop and pursue special School-sponsored activities each afternoon.

Alternatives to Interscholastic Athletics

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  • Dance (Fall, Winter, Spring)

    Prerequisites: Varies
    Class size: Varies; boys and girls
  • Sports Media (Fall, Winter, Spring)

    Prerequisites: None
    Class size: Varies; boys and girls
    Students will learn skills ranging from basic camera work, writing scripts, producing segments, editing video, and calling live games. This option meets daily in the main athletics offices in Hershey Athletics Center.
  • Maroon & Black Soccer (Fall)

    Prerequisites: Seniors only, boys and girls.
    Class Size: Approximately 20-30 students.
    The Maroon & Black afternoon program is for boys and girls in the 12th grade. Students build physical fitness while working with teammates and classmates in a competitive environment. The Maroon & Black soccer activity does not compete against other schools but has various inter-squad matches and tournaments throughout the fall season. The program is held outdoors on the Front Drive Fields.
  • Weight Room Monitor (Fall, Winter & Spring)

    Prerequisites: 10th, 11th or 12th grade, boys and girls. Experience working in the Free Weight Room or involvement with a sports team that has spent ample time learning relevant lifting technique and safety precautions.
    Class size: 2-4 students, boys and girls.
    Student-athletes are expected to attend this afternoon option in athletic issue five days a week. The daily schedule for each weight room monitor may vary as the head strength coach works to staff the fitness area between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m., Monday – Friday.
  • Equipment Room Assistant (Fall, Winter & Spring)

    Prerequisites: None.
    Class Size: 10-14 students depending upon season, boys and girls.
    Equipment room assistants work directly with the head equipment manager. Responsibilities are related to the everyday operations of the athletic department and are not exclusively related to tasks in the equipment room. Specific responsibilities for game-day operations include scoreboard operations for all home games, field set-up, home-contest video-taping, and official score-book keeping. Also included in daily responsibilities are uniform preparation and issue window assistance. Equipment room assistants are required to maintain a personal fitness plan at least 3 days per week.
  • Cross Training (Winter & Spring)

    Prerequisites: Juniors and seniors only.
    Class Size: Approximately 12 girls and 12 boys.
    This afternoon option will focus on using a variety of activities to incorporate elements of muscular strength, muscular endurance, aerobic fitness, and flexibility. This program is geared toward the student who is looking to improve or enhance his or her overall fitness level. Activities will include, but will not be limited to, walking, running, lifting weights, playing team sports, core training, and stretching. Many activities will be performed outdoors.

    Students will work closely with EHS faculty members who, in cooperation with the head strength coach, will develop comprehensive and varied personal fitness programs designed to achieve personal strength and conditioning goals.

    This class will meet every day at a different location as announced by faculty supervisors. Students will be expected to be fully capable and medically cleared to participate in the class for the duration of the winter season both indoors and outdoors.

Our Athletic Philosophy

Episcopal High School is dedicated to the student’s pursuit of excellence and to the joy of learning and self-discovery in a caring and supportive community.

Episcopal believes that physical exercise and conditioning are crucial to the health of every teenage boy and girl and that beginning the habits and routines of exercise at a young age is important to lifelong health. Physical activity is a key component of the Episcopal curriculum.

In addition to exercise for the sake of health, EHS is committed to the values taught by athletic competition. Sportsmanship, self-discipline, and perseverance are often learned through interscholastic sports. Most importantly, Episcopal’s athletic teams provide an opportunity for students from diverse backgrounds to learn the value of teamwork, cooperation, and mutual respect.


Episcopal High School is proud of the behavior and sportsmanship displayed by its players, coaches, and supporters. We value healthy rivalry, encourage spirited and fair play, and appreciate positive support offered by spectators. Episcopal players, coaches, and fans represent themselves, their teams, and their School with pride and poise. We treat visiting teams and officials as guests, extending to them every courtesy. We are modest in victory and gracious in defeat.