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Seminary Hill Cup

One Cup To Rule Them All!
15th Competition (16th year)
Founded in 2008, the Seminary Hill Cup (SHC) is an annual match-up between rivals EHS and St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes girls’ athletics, with athletes on the varsity and junior varsity teams competing to claim the cup.

EHS will compete against St. Stephen's & St. Agnes in the 15th annual Seminary Hill Cup October 20-21, 2023, at EHS.
Join us for the spirited competition between the girls’ teams at Episcopal and St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes.

Friday, October 20
4:00PM    Cross Country (one race)
4:30PM    JV Field Hockey (Greenway Field)
4:30PM    JV Soccer (Bryant Field)
4:30PM    JV Tennis (Shuford Tennis Courts)
5:00PM    JV Volleyball (Ainslie Court

Saturday, October 21
11:00AM    Varsity Field Hockey (Hummel Bowl)
11:00AM    Varsity Soccer (Bryant Field)
11:00AM    Varsity Tennis (Shuford Tennis Courts)
11:30AM    Varsity Volleyball (Ainslie Court)
        *followed by trophy presentation and 15 year commemoration