Athletic Facilities

The Best, Inside & Out

Episcopal’s athletic facilities rank among the finest of any high school in the mid-Atlantic region.

And now they are be even better - due to the renovation and expansion of Episcopal's athletic facilities, which were made possible by The EHS Promise, a campaign for Episcopal High School.

Both the US Men's and Women's National Soccer teams used EHS fields for practices over the summer and fall of 2016, praising the quality of the fields!

Signature Fields and Spaces

  • Eight playing fields, including three artificial turf fields, two Bermuda grass fields, and Hummel Bowl with 2,800 spectator seats;
  • The Cooper Dawson Baseball Diamond and a softball field;
  • Shuford Tennis Courts with 12 all-weather courts;
  • Hoxton Track, a six-lane, 400-meter outdoor track;
  • Flippin Field House with three tennis courts, three basketball courts, the 200-meter indoor Jim Cathcart track, and a batting cage;
  • The Goodman Squash Center with nine international-size courts;
  • Two full-sized basketball and volleyball courts;
  • Centennial Hall, which houses Ainslie Court — the main basketball and volleyball court;
  • Bocock Wrestling Cage;
  • A fitness center with circuit and cardiovascular training;
  • A weight room with eight Olympic lift racks;
  • A dance studio;
  • An outdoor swimming pool;
  • Team locker rooms; and
  • The 24-hour McAllister Health Center.

For Example...

    • Flippin Field House

      Flippin Field House

    • Goodman Squash Center

      Goodman Squash Center

    • Bocock Wrestling Cage

      Bocock Wrestling Cage

    • Shuford Tennis Courts, Greenway, and the Cooper Dawson Diamond

      Shuford Tennis Courts, Greenway, and the Cooper Dawson Diamond

    • Hummel Bowl & Coxe Field

      Hummel Bowl & Coxe Field