Hall of Fame & History

The Athletics Hall of Fame

Since its inception in 1993, the Episcopal High School Athletics Hall of Fame has recognized alumni and coaches of Episcopal High School who performed with distinction during their EHS athletic careers.


Alumni are eligible for Hall of Fame membership 10 years after participating in at least two full seasons of varsity interscholastic competition at EHS.

Coaches, trainers, managers, and others who have made outstanding contributions or offered extraordinary service to athletics at Episcopal also are eligible during or following their tenure at the School.

The 2019 Hall of Fame Inductees

The following athletes were selected for 2019 induction into the EHS Athletics Hall of Fame. They were celebrated at The High School on Friday, November 8, 2019, during Spirit Weekend.

Skip Rutherford '58 (posthumous)
Mayo Gravatt '64
Jim Farrar '70
Grady Drago '84
Elizabeth Boothby Krusen '98
Elizabeth Harrison Carrington '06
Danny Coale '07
1971-1972 Soccer Team

In This Section

Hall of Fame Selection Committee

Bruce Rinehart ’56
Van McNair ’62
Joe Jarrett ’67
Stuart Grainger ’75
Harry Archer ’78
Caulley Deringer ’82
Peter White ’84
Mark Miller ’86
Howard Holley ’87
Jeff Clarke ’89
Rahmann Streater ’93
Julia Green ’96
LaMarr Datcher ’98
Elizabeth Krusen ’98
Carlyle Casella ’00
Bernie Carey ’00
Lauren Vance ’02
Tim Hightower ’04
Jenner Wood IV ’06
Capt. Matt Hurley ’08
Karima Holmes ’08
Allanté Keels ’09

Jen Fitzpatrick, Director of Girls' Athletics
Jim Fitzpatrick, Director of Boys' Athletics
Rick Wilcox, Associate Director of Institutional Advancement
Susan Lukens, Advancement Programs and Annual Fund Coordinator