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All boarding, grades 9-12 in Alexandria, Virginia

Travel Experiences

Cultural Immersion

To further cultivate language study and improve their understanding of a language and culture, EHS participates in several programs that allow students to study abroad.

Each year, Episcopal faculty members lead spring break and summer programs that take students to Austria, Spain, and France immersing students in different cultures and languages. EHS also has established exchange programs with schools in Austria, France, and Spain, as well as a pilot exchange program with Chile. These programs bring students from abroad to stay on campus with Episcopal students, who later travel to visit their new friends in their home countries.

Eleanor C. Moore, French Faculty Member Since 1999

Being able to help students see the fabric of cultures through the lens of language allows all of our department members to develop and strengthen the passion we have for our respective languages and cultures. With exchanges and study-abroad programs, both students and teachers benefit by broadening their worlds. Students can pursue many directions in their study and can put their talents to use in the world beyond. Helping them achieve that ability is the driving force behind my passion for teaching at EHS.

Service Learning

Episcopal students have the opportunity to take part in annual community service trips abroad through the School's partnerships with nonprofit organizations around the globe.

During service trips, students discover the transformative power of service to others while immersing themselves in another culture. Leadership activities are woven through service, workshops, and excursions. For students, these trips undoubtedly provide life-changing experiences that will cultivate a global perspective and open-mindedness, ultimately inspiring them to become leaders and global thinkers who will make positive change in their own communities.

John Wickham ’16

Yesterday was the day we had all been waiting for. Each of us ventured into the home of a St. Peter's student to spend the night and become truly immersed in authentic Teso culture. By the dim lamp light, we feasted on ugali, rice, chicken, chapattis, and nuts. I had an experience of a lifetime. The hospitality I received will be hard to find anywhere else. Even though they did not have as much as us, they gave the best they could offer, and that meant the world.

Experiential Learning

Episcopal students are provided the opportunity to build teamwork and leadership skills in a challenging learning atmosphere that promotes understanding, encourages open communication, and supports team cohesiveness through small group experiences.

Through these trips, students will increase their cultural awareness and knowledge as it relates to the overall trip theme, while increasing self-awareness, self-understanding, and personal responsibility.

Somer Glubiak '13

“Imagine that you were living a happy life with only three senses; then something happened and these senses were doubled. That is what it was like to experience the Diamond Acre Expedition. Rafting the Salmon River, sleeping out under the stars, playing beach volleyball, pushing your legs just one step further under a heavy backpack, all those things set the stage. Then, faced with the climax of the trip, you summit the Grand Teton. That was truly the prize at the end of the tunnel. Every sense you never knew existed comes alive and your life shines like never before.”

2019 Trips

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Important Deadlines

October 2018: Parents Weekend Information Session
November 2018: Student Interest Meeting
November 2018: Details sent to Parents 
Late November/December 2018: Signed Contract and Liability Risk Acknowledgement
January 2019: Non-Refundable Deposit billed by the business office  
February 2019: All billing finalized


In addition to our in-house exchange programs, EHS students also have access to School Year Abroad (SYA), a well-respected international study organization. SYA features summer and yearlong programs that include homestays with families and academic study in France, Spain, Italy, Japan, and Vietnam.
Important SYA Deadlines
  • Early February 2020: SYA Online Application
  • Early February 2020: Merit and Halsey Fund Scholarship Applications
  • Mid-February 2020: Financial Aid Application
For more information on the application process or to learn about SYA, visit www.sya.org/admissions.
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