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Afternoon Options

Episcopal’s Afternoon Options are designed to provide each student with a quality structured experience that, through an athletic, artistic, academic, or service-oriented pursuit, imbues values of teamwork, sportsmanship, creativity, competition, and concern for others, while encouraging students to pursue and develop special interests and talents.
A full overview of Spring Afternoon Offerings will take place in Community Meeting on Thursday, February 8. Students will work with their advisors to sign up for a spring afternoon option in advisory on Tuesday, February 13. Spring afternoon options will begin meeting as early as Monday, February 19.

Some interscholastic offerings are restricted from starting formal in-season practices until after Monday, February 26.
  • Students considering interscholastic options should pay particular attention to the team schedules posted here, as well as a summary of  Important Dates for Athletics which can be found here.
  • Students accepting a roster spot on an interscholastic roster should be prepared to commit to the full schedule of practices and competitions with few exceptions. Coaches will review these schedules as part of the try-outs process.
  • An overview of the personal equipment items required for participation in each offering can be found here. Students should expect to come to try-outs with the equipment required for each sport.
EHS graduation requirement: students that enter as freshmen must participate in a minimum of 6 athletic offerings over their 12 "seasons" (3 per year); this requirement is prorated for students entering in later grades.

See overview of anticipated offerings for 2023-24 below!

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  • Fall Offerings

    Athletic Credit
    🚣‍♀️ Boys' Crew (V, Novice)
    🏃‍♀️ Boys' and Girls' Cross Country
    🩰 Dance
    🏑 Field Hockey (V, JV)
    🏈 Football (V, JV)
    ⚽️ Boys' and Girls' Soccer (V, JV)
    🎾 Boys' (non-interscholastic) and Girls' (V, JV) Tennis
    🏐 Volleyball (V, JV)
    🦾 Cross Training (12th)
    🎤 Sports Media (10th-12th)
    👟Support: Team Manager, Equipment Room Assistant, Athletic Training Room Intern
    Afternoon Activities
    🎶 Afternoon Music (10th-12th)
    🎨 Investigations in Art (10th-12th)
    📸 Afternoon Photo (10th-12th)
    🎭 Fall Theater (9th-12th)
    🤖 Robotics (9th-12th)
    🗂 MRC Externship (11th-12th)
    📚 Yearbook (10th-12th)

  • Winter Offerings

    Athletic Offerings
    🏀 Boys' and Girls' Basketball (V, JV, Jr) 
    🧗 Boys' and Girls' Climbing (V, JV)
    🦾 Cross Training (11th and 12th)
    🏃 Boys' and Girls' Indoor Track & Field
    👟 Boys' and Girls' Squash (V, JV)
    🏊 Boys' and Girls' Swimming 
    🎵 Winter Musical/Dance
    🤼‍♂️ Boys' Wrestling (V, JV)
    🎤 Sports Media (10th-12th)
    💪 Support: Athletic Training Room Intern, Team Manager, Equipment Room Assistant
    Afternoon Activities
    🎶 Afternoon Music (10th-12th)
    🎨 Investigations in Art (10th-12th)
    🧬 Science Olympiad (9th-12th)
    🗂 MRC Externship (11th-12th)
    📚 Yearbook (10th-12th)

  • Spring Offerings

    Athletic Offerings
    ⚾️ Baseball (V, JV)
    🚣 Girls' Crew (V, Novice)
    🦾 Cross Training (12th)
    🩰 Dance
    ⛳️ Boys' and Girls' Golf (V)
    🥍 Boys' and Girls' Lacrosse (V, JV)
    🏃 Boys' and Girls' Outdoor Track & Field (V)
    🥎 Girls' Softball (V)
    🎾 Boys' (V,JV) and Girls' Tennis (V)
    🥏 Ultimate Frisbee (V, JV)
    🎤 Sports Media (10th-12th)
    💪 Support: Athletic Training Room Intern, Team Manager, Equipment Room Assistant

    Afternoon Activities
    🎶 Afternoon Music (10th-12th)
    📷 Afternoon Photo (10th-12th)
    🫶 Service Learning (10th-12th)
    🎭 Spring Theater (9th-12th)
    🗂 MRC Externship (11th-12th)
    📚 Yearbook (10th-12th)


Athletics Offerings

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  • Photo of Jennifer Fitzpatrick

    Jen Fitzpatrick 

    Director of Athletics
  • Photo of Damian Walsh

    Damian Walsh 

    Asst AD / Asst Dean of Residential Life
  • Photo of Kadeem Rodgers

    Kadeem Rodgers 

    Assistant Athletic Director; Head Football Coach

Arts Department Offerings

List of 1 members.

  • Photo of Mark Carter

    Mark Carter 

    Director of Instrumental Music; Chair - Arts; Dorm Head

Whispers Yearbook

List of 1 members.

  • Photo of Natalie Davies

    Natalie Davies 

    Teacher - Mathematics & Computer Science, Science; Yearbook

McCain-Ravenel Externship

List of 1 members.

  • Photo of Norman Kim-Senior

    Norman Kim-Senior 

    Teacher - Spanish; Director of Externships, McCain-Ravenel Center