The Arts

Angie Newman Johnson Gallery

Wildly Courageous

The Angie Newman Johnson Gallery is a dedicated gallery space within the Ainslie Arts Center, established in 2003. The gallery seeks to operate as an extension of the visual arts studios at Episcopal High School. The work displayed should challenge, inspire, and educate visitors. The gallery aspires to set a standard for exhibiting artists who seek out wildly courageous ideas, and those who demonstrate a dedication to their craft.

Currently On Display

Don’t miss the “Resonance: Works Which Hold” exhibition at the Angie Newman Johnson Gallery. The exhibit features captivating works by talented artists from across the nation, such as Sonia Cole, Cheryl Edwards, Kate Fitzpatrick, and more. “Resonance” invites viewers to explore art’s enduring power while surrounded by beautiful and thought-provoking pieces. The public is encouraged to visit between March 17-30. To make an appointment to see the show, please contact Michael Windsor, director of theater and arts coordinator.

Recent Exhibits

Resonance: Works Which Hold