Academic Support Center

Support to Build Self-Confidence

Most students thrive on the academic thrills and challenges of Episcopal High School’s curriculum. With the assistance provided by faculty in small classes and after-school tutorial time, they most often flourish. However, some students initially struggle to develop the study skills and habits that will allow them to achieve maximum success.

EHS is committed to helping every student feel confident in his or her abilities and offers several avenues for academic help.

Learning specialists work with struggling students to understand their strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan for improvement. The plan might include:
  • Strengthening basic skills and concepts
  • Developing improved study skills and habits
  • Organizing the student’s study materials and time
  • Identifying appropriate accommodations for the student
  • Recommending a private tutor
Students are referred to the specialists by their parents, teachers, and advisors. Students may also seek help on their own. Students meet with the learning specialists during free periods, daytime study halls, and tutorial.

Tutors are available for students who are struggling to master the concepts in a particular subject or who need organizational help with their workload. Professional tutors work with students on campus in all academic areas. We also train peer tutors and mentors, who are in some cases the best fit for a student’s needs. The learning specialists assist parents in finding an appropriate tutor for their student.

The Writing Center staff provides additional support to students on any writing assignment. They meet with students during evening and daytime study halls to help students:
  • Organize written work
  • Develop claim statements
  • Edit and revise drafts

Meet the Learning Specialists

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  • Photo of Susan Bentley

    Susan Bentley 

    Director of Academic Support
  • Photo of Gwendolyn Goad

    Gwendolyn Goad 

    Learning Specialist