The Roll Call

Alumni Giving

Sutton Alford '11

There is an essence to Episcopal – an intangible aura – the spirit of The High School. It stems from the amazing sense of camaraderie shared not only between students, but between everyone involved in the School – students, faculty, coaches, and alumni – all of whom understand the honor, the friendships, and the loyalty that make this institution great.


In 1947, the EHS Old Boys Association conducted their first official “Roll Call,” surpassing their $10,000 goal and raising $12,193 for The High School. With the guiding mission of “advancing the best interests of the School,” EHS alumni have been loyally supporting their beloved High School ever since.


A reunion year marks a special anniversary of your graduation from Episcopal – a time to reconnect with the School, renew friendships, and celebrate the EHS community. As part of this celebration, the School seeks to increase Roll Call support and participation from members of its Reunion classes. If you’re celebrating a Reunion this year (classes ending in 0 or 5) consider a multi-year commitment of support for the Roll Call in honor of this milestone. The collective generosity of Reunion classes raises awareness of the importance of annual support and ensures the Roll Call’s continued growth.

Young Alumni Leadership Society

The Young Alumni Leadership Society recognizes the newest generation of alumni for their generous contributions to the Roll Call. Young Alumni Leadership donors demonstrate an understanding of the role philanthropy played in their time on the Hill and invest in Episcopal’s current generation of students by making gifts at or above the levels listed below.

Class of 2016-2020: $250
Class of 2011-2015: $500
Class of 2006-2010: $750

If you have questions about the Young Alumni Leadership Society, please contact Advancement Funds & Annual Fund Coordinator Susan Lukens at 703-933-4053.

Why Give to the Roll Call?

Episcopal gets high marks – let’s keep it that way!
97 percent of alumni and 92 percent of parents of alumni rated the value received for the investment made to attend EHS as "high" or "good." In order to preserve the value of an Episcopal diploma and maintain the level of excellence it is known for, the School needs continued financial support from the greater EHS community.

Your gift cultivates our future leaders.
With learning opportunities abound thanks to the support of alumni, parents, and friends each year, our students will go on to make a profound difference in countless disciplines within their local communities and around the globe. Read more about Episcopal Alumni making a difference. 

A little goes a long way.
When you make a gift to Episcopal, you join thousands of others who support the Roll Call each year. All of those gifts — most under $100 — add up in a big way. So even if you can part with only a few dollars, you can still do your part for a better Episcopal. Also, corporations and foundations look at Roll Call participation when awarding grants. If those closest to the school don’t support it, why should they?

Tuition doesn’t cover the full cost.
Boarding school is expensive but no one pays the full cost. To deliver the academic and student life boarding experience at Episcopal, it costs $86,225 per student per year. Tuition in 2021-22 costs $64,900, only 65 percent of the total bill. The Roll Call helps to fill the gap by providing 10 percent of the operating budget and nearly $10,893 per student.

Honor a teacher, advisor, parent, coach, or friend.
Relationships built at Episcopal are life-changing. There is no better way to thank your mentor for his or her support than by ensuring a student today has the guidance and leadership that you had.