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All boarding, grades 9-12 in Alexandria, Virginia

After Episcopal

From a rural school to a Manhattan law practice, from fire fighting to investment banking—EHS graduates make their mark wherever they are.

List of 20 news stories.

  • After Episcopal: Will Damron '05

    Will Damron is a frequent companion to the knowledge-hungry, entertainment-thirsty, multitasking consumer. He’s an audiobook narrator.
  • After Episcopal: Ali Shepard '08

    Henrietta, a turkey, is one of the newest additions to Burgundy Farm Country Day School and an ideal part of Ali Shepard’s ’08 work with children there. Ali graduated from Burgundy Farm in 2004 and now lives on campus at the independent school in Alexandria, Va., where she manages the farm comprised of one pig, one sheep, two miniature horses, three goats, four ducks, 20-something chickens, and three turkeys, including Henrietta, who’s a hit with the kids. “Henrietta is a lap turkey,” Ali says. “She loves affection.”
  • After Episcopal: David Opie '86

    The career of freelance illustrator David Opie has led him from designing T-shirts for the Grateful Dead to illustrating children’s books. David’s passion for storytelling and his characters’ life and emotion are the perfect combination when it comes to children’s illustration.
  • Craig Dixon '93

    Go Big or Go Home

    We catch up with Craig Dixon '93 as he opens the doors to the St. James, a 450,000-square-foot sports and wellness center in Springfield, Va.
  • Taking in the view from the top of a large, wide glacier behind Palmer Station (located on Anvers Island in the Antarctic Peninsula). While the hike up the glacier is not particularly long or strenuous, the view from the top is stunning. That was one of the first moments Mary Lide thought,

    Journey To The Edge of the World

    For Mary Lide Parker '06, the "A" in DNA stands for "Adventure." Growing up, her father was an international airline pilot who told her stories of far-flung places. She has traveled through Europe and studied abroad in South America; climbed fourteeners and road-tripped through the American west.
  • Latane Campbell '81

    After Episcopal: Latane Campbell '81

    The pilot discusses leadership, service, and the two most important things he learned at EHS.
  • Jonathan Beane '88

    After Episcopal: Jonathan Beane '88

    He knew he would go far—he just didn't know where. But someone in his life did.
  • Baobao Zhang '09

    After Episcopal: Baobao Zhang '09

    Fake intelligence is not artificial news.
  • McClain Brooks '21 and mother Allison Priebe Brooks '94

    After Episcopal: Allison Priebe Brooks '94 and daughter McClain '21

    Episcopal's first mother-daughter legacy charts new territory.
  • The Class of 2018 will attend 60 different colleges and universities in 25 states, Canada, and Scotland.

    Oh the Places They'll Matriculate

    The 118 members of the Class of 2018 will attend 60 different colleges in 25 states, plus Scotland and Canada.
  • Gracie Burke '17 is currently wrapping up her first year at American University in D.C.

    Gracie Burke ’17: Finding Feminism

    BONUS Web-Only Feature of Spring 2018 EHS Magazine:
  • Robert Clark ’17: A Tale of Two Passions

    BONUS Web-Only Feature of Spring 2018 EHS Magazine:
  • A photo of Tyler Duerson '12 (second from left) during her time as a student at EHS.

    Tyler Duerson ’12: Bridging the Time Gap

    Spring 2018 EHS Magazine Web-Only Exclusive:
  • Chelsea Jack '10 recording her podcast about a rural doctor whose life has been touched by the opioid epidemic.

    Pain and Plain Language

    Anthropologist and National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow Chelsea Jack ’10 hopes her podcast will both demystify and complicate our understanding of the opioid epidemic.
  • The Class of 2017 poses for the traditional

    Impressive College Choices for Class of '17

    The 109 members of the Episcopal Class of 2017 will attend 70 different colleges in 27 states, with three students going overseas to Scotland.
  • Rob Banner '75

    Rob Banner ’75 has always had a love for horses but never suspected that he could make a career out of his passion.
  • Dr. Cedric Bright '81

    Dr. Cedric Bright ’81 on his journey from EHS student to UNC- Chapel Hill School of Medicine’s Assistant Dean of Admissions.
  • Hayne Hipp '58 and his wife Anna Kate

    Hayne Hipp '58

    Hayne Hipp '58 on his home state, leadership, and handing over the reins. 
  • Wood Marchant '84

    Wood Marchant '84 on substance abuse recovery and helping college students overcome their addictions. 

  • First 48 panelists Amy Fannon Cupic '94, Gretchen Byrd '95, Sarah Baltimore McElwain '95, Comer Shuford Wear '95, and Patrice Scott Williams '95 sit with Lucy Whittle Goldstein '97 on the Pendleton stage.

    The First 48: “We Had to Be Each Other’s Family”

    Episcopal's Washington Program offered a special treat during its March 29 program centered around Women’s History Month.
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