The Arts
The Arts at EHS

Adrienne Taylor

Departments and Positions:
• Director of Dance
• 9th Grade Dean
Adrienne joined the Episcopal community in October 2019 as the Director of Dance. She teaches Survey of Dance and Movement for Athletes. She is the Anderson Dorm Head, 9th grade girl dean, and a member of the Activities Committee.

After receiving a dance certificate from West Virginia University, Adrienne returned to her hometown of Alexandria, where she has taught and coached for 22 years. She is the owner and artistic director of Above the Barre in Alexandria, where she teaches ballet, jazz, and gymnastics.

Adrienne has also been an assistant choreographer with the Alexandria Community Nutcracker since 2006, working with 250 dancers and musicians between the ages of 3 and 18. She has two daughters, Elle ’23 and Eva ’25, and a Husky, Athena.

Dance Certificate, West Virginia University
Licensed Massage Therapist