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All boarding, grades 9-12 in Alexandria, Virginia

Honor, Courage, and Ethics Workshops

On Wednesday, January 17, all EHS students participated in Leadership and Ethics workshops on issues of the Honor Code, personal courage, and ethical frameworks.
9th grade: Understanding the Honor Code
All ninth-graders began by hearing from Tim Rogers, faculty advisor to the Honor Committee, and then watching a mock honor committee procedure from start to finish. Students were provided the scenario and fictional background, and conversations between the head of the committee and the fictional student involved, followed by a mock Honor Committee hearing. The actual seniors on this year's Honor Committee served in their respective roles. Students then divided into small groups to discuss and debrief.

“Our goal is to provide the newest students to Episcopal a deeper understanding of the Honor Code and its purpose at EHS,” said Mimi Schwanda, the director of the Leadership & Ethics program.

10th grade: Social Courage
The tenth grade viewed clips of the documentaries "Miss Representation" and "The Mask You Live In," both of which focus on the specific struggles that adolescent girls and boys face in our culture. Students then broke into small groups to discuss and reflect how these realities impact their choices as growing leaders.

11th grade: Introduction to Ethical Frameworks and Taking the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
Eleventh-graders started with an introduction to ethics, presented by Assistant Head for Academics Mary Fielder, introducing them to some key terms and concepts around which to frame follow-up small group discussions. After viewing a clip from the movie “Saving Private Ryan,” they broke into small groups to face a real ethical dilemma on their own. At the end of the session, students took the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test to learn more about themselves as leaders.

12th grade: Leading a Group Through an Ethical Challenge
The seniors considered a real-life case study involving ethical decision-making. Working together in small groups, they were tasked with proposing a best possible solution for all constituents involved in their scenario. Afterward, they reflected on their role in the process.

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