The 1966 Baseball Team

“Blessed with experience, depth, and outstanding spirit, the 1966 varsity baseball team, under the able coaching of Syd Walden, was position-for-position one of the strongest nines ever assembled on Bryant Field,” is how the team is remembered in Whispers. The 1966 Baseball team finished the season 14-2, scoring 73 runs while only conceding 17, behind an excellent pitching staff which hurled 7 shutouts. This team is arguably the best baseball squad in the modern era of the last 75 years. The team captains were Tom Dashiell ’66 (inducted) and John Hooff ’67, both recipients of the Rinehart and Miller Awards.

“The 1966 baseball team was a classic team in that our strengths were pitching, fielding and very savvy execution. Our hitting was good enough to outscore our opponents, but not legendary,” says Mr. Hooff. “We had excellent athletes who knew when to steal, hold a base or make the extra throw. Errors were rare and runs were manufactured through excellent base running and timely hitting...We were just a darn good baseball squad that was scrappy and extremely difficult to beat.”
The members of the 1966 baseball team:
Julian Chisolm Brantley III ’66
John McCullough Brown ’67
Howard Bucknell IV ’66
John Randolph Coupland IV ’67
Sanford Webb Criner, Jr. ’67
Thomas Clark Dashiell ’66 captain; inducted
George William Henderson III ’66
David Kent Higgins ’66
John Carlyle Herbert Hooff, Jr. ’67 captain
Clyde Hancock Jacob III ’67
W. Verdery Kerr ’67
Rudson Wooten Lamm ’66
John Keaton Linvill ’67
Randolph Parker Romaine ’68 manager
Milton Jarnagin Sams ’70 manager
John Manning Skinner ’67
William McGlammery Stanton ’66
Harry Barnwell Sullivan ’67
Heth Tyler Thomas ’66
Stuart Sydnor Walden coach
Christopher R. Webster, Jr. ’67
Reginald Darlington Wilson, Jr. ’68
James Tyler Wilson ’68