Edmund P. Winston “Jelly” Richardson ’22

Named to the Alexandria Sportsman’s Club’s list of Alexandria’s 100 Greatest Athletes in 1999, Mr. Richardson was the star pitcher of Episcopal’s 1921 and 1922 undefeated baseball teams. These teams were inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2015.

During the 1921 season, Mr. Richardson struck out 104 batters and walked only six, helping to lead the team to an 11-0 record. As captain during the 1922 season in which the team went 9-0, he struck out 108 batters in 68 innings, while allowing only eight runs. During that same season he struck out 17 batters in a game on two occasions, and batted over .300.
The 1922 edition of Whispers notes, “To ‘Jelly,’ captain and pitching ace, is due most of the success of the baseball team. His intense enthusiasm and modesty in his accomplishments make him an admirable leader.”

Mr. Richardson’s leadership skills extended to his position as Monitor, as well as to the basketball court. He was a starting guard on the basketball team for two years.

Whispers describes his play on the basketball court: “…his value to the team could not be overestimated. He was splendidly suited to his position — fast, exceptionally strong and active, a fairly accurate shot, and of the driving, fighting temperament that communicated a spark of electricity to his teammates.”