Daniel Patrick Miller '82

A three-sport athlete at Episcopal, Mr. Miller excelled in football, basketball, and track and field, earning All-IAC honors for football and track and field during his junior year, and All-IAC honors for football, basketball, and track and field his senior year. He was also a Monitor.

“Danny represents every great quality that Episcopal athletes embody,” says Coach Ed Rice (HOF 2011). “In the modern era of sports specialization, which is now promoted in a child’s life very early, Danny accomplished a feat in three sports that few today hope for in but one.”

He was an exceptional discus thrower, and during his junior and senior year, won the IAC championship. He served as captain of the IAC basketball championship team and set the new scoring record in basketball.

According to a 1981 edition of the Chronicle, “The Woodberry team knew they were doomed when Danny Miller unleashed on a break-away, ‘in your face, take it home to your momma’ slam dunk in the middle of the fourth quarter.”

During his senior year, Mr. Miller was named Player of the Year for Basketball by the Alexandria Gazette and Basketball Player of the Year by the Alexandria Sportsman’s Club. He won the William Caskie Watts Award for Basketball and the Rinehart Medal for Athletic Worth his senior year.

Head Basketball Coach for the College of William & Mary and former EHS Basketball Coach Tony Shaver (HOF 2005) says, “Danny was a terrific athlete at EHS and a better person. As his basketball coach I had a chance to watch him grow and excel on the court. Danny possessed a great feel for the game and was an extremely versatile player, capable of playing inside and out. Danny had a great career and remains very loyal to his friends and teammates!”

After EHS, Mr. Miller went to Hampden-Sydney where he lettered in both football and basketball.“Even having played in college and having had two children play multiple sports in high school,” says Miller, “I have yet to find a coach equal to Coach Shaver and Coach Rice with respect to their character, integrity, and compassion.”