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Cultivating Community: The Black Alumni Network Welcomes the Black Student Alliance Class of 2024

In May, Episcopal’s Black Alumni Network (BAN) partnered with the Black Student Alliance (BSA) for “Bowl & Bond,” concluding a series of three gatherings hosted by BAN throughout the school year. 

In November, BAN and the Black Student Affinity Group joined forces for “Brunch with BAN” during Spirit Weekend. For Black History Month, they organized a “Meet the Black ‘Staffulty’” Happy Hour, providing alumni with the invaluable opportunity to connect with several Black faculty and staff members. These initiatives, designed to empower and support students and alumni through engagement, networking, advocacy, and mentorship, are a testament to BAN’s unwavering commitment to cultivating culture, commitment, and community.

With a bowling alley full of strikes and smiles, “Bowl & Bond” officially ushered the Class of 2024 into the vibrant community of BAN. Each senior received a personalized gift bag filled with an Episcopal High School engraved Yeti cup and a letter from BAN welcoming them into this unique and caring community. 

“As members of the Black Alumni Network, you join a network of individuals who share common experiences, values, and aspirations,” the letter told the members of the senior class. “Whether navigating college life, pursuing your career goals, or exploring new opportunities, know that you have a strong community of supporters cheering you on every step of the way.” The letter also celebrated the significant contributions each senior has made to BSA, acknowledging their positive impact on the School and the community.

“Bowl & Bond was a glimpse into the future for the graduating Class of 2024, showcasing the exciting events and opportunities that await us as we become proud members of BAN,” BSA’s co-president Selah Stiebel ’24 said. “While leaving Episcopal is undoubtedly bittersweet, joining the alumni network is exciting. This allows us to stay connected to the community we've built here, and contribute to the next generation of Black students at Episcopal.”

Enjoy photos from the event.