EHS Commissions Communion Elements

Episcopal includes communion in two Chapel services during the school year. To effectively serve the bread and wine at four stations, the School appointed arts teacher Liz Vorlicek to commission an artist to create a special set of communion elements for Callaway Chapel.

Local potter Julia Walther came to campus in the fall and visited two biblical theology classes and one ceramics class. Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of Episcopal’s surroundings, Walther ultimately created four distinct sets of communion elements that represent flora and fauna found on campus: sweet maple, oak, ginkgo, and fern. Each set was meticulously crafted from white porcelain, accented with gold decals to echo the Chapel’s ornate details. She also embellished the pieces with a delicate cross reminiscent of the Jerusalem-style crosses in Callaway.

Walther reflected on her artistic process: “When it comes down to it, I think being an artist (and human) is about noticing things and leaving room for something else to happen. I hope this communion ware leaves room for the ritual while also acting as a reminder of seasonality and renewal, which is a theme that’s woven its way into my work over the last six years.” Just last month, the pieces were blessed by Bishop E. Mark Stevenson during Episcopal’s annual Confirmation service.