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Introducing the 2024-25 Student Leaders

Excitement echoed through Callaway Chapel as Head of School Charley Stillwell announced the newly elected student leaders for the 2024-25 school year. Earlier this month, Head of School Charley Stillwell shared the results during a Vespers service. The Head Monitor, Senior Monitors, Discipline Committee, and Honor Committee all hail from the Class of 2025 and represent various areas of campus. 

As a two-sport athlete, Brunson Wickham ’25 stands ready to embrace the upcoming school year, poised to build upon the remarkable legacies of past Head Monitors. Wickham's roots in Episcopal run deep, woven into the very fabric of his childhood as the youngest sibling of Edward ’15, John ’16, and Ashby ’16.

Now prepared to forge his own path at The High School, Wickham is committed to continuing to make EHS a special place. “I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve as Head Monitor next year,” he expressed. “I look forward to contributing to what makes EHS so unique. I’m also really excited to work with some amazing people!” 
Seniors Sophia Appiah ’25 and Luca McGhee Chavez ’25 were selected to head the Discipline and Honor Committees, respectively.

Congratulations to the 2024-25 Student Leaders

Head Monitor
Brunson Wickham ’25

Senior Monitors
Sanaa Baldwin ’25
Devon Debes ’25
Liv Hanson ’25
Nellie Miller ’25
Lucy Nolan ’25
Viviane Notzon ’25
Tate Wardell ’25

Honor Committee
Wilkes Browne ’25
Ruby Gonzalez ’25
Hank Green ’25
Anna Gregg ’25
Davian King ’25
Lola Mason ’25
Selah McCray ’25
Luca McGhee Chavez ’25, Head

Discipline Committee
Sophia Appiah ’25, Head
Natanim Bekele ’25
Alexa Billo ’25
Henry Cunningham ’25
Worth Kelly ’25
Victoria Notzon ’25
Judah Ofori-Ansah ’25
Sunook Yoon ’25

Aaron Greer ’25
Alexa Billo ’25
Alina Fu ’25
Anna Gregg ’25
Bella Duran ’25
Bruce Thompson ’25
Campbell Shelby ’25
David Liu ’25
Devon Debes ’25
Duke Shackelford ’25
Jack Daughtrey ’25
James Johnson ’25
Joely Gendell ’25
Keith Song ’25
Liv Hanson ’25
Logan Dearing ’25
Luca McGhee Chavez ’25
Mazen Asad ’25
Nellie Miller ’25
Sophia Appiah ’25
Thomas Smith ’25
Tristan Duong ’25
Victoria Notzon ’25
Viviane Notzon ’25
Sanaa Baldwin ’25
Natanim Bekele ’25
Chelsea Campbell ’25
Davian King ’25
Doruk Konak ’25
Allison Lee ’25

Ansley Bieger ’26
Avery Bowers ’26
Burnam DuBose ’26
Carson Cowburn ’26
Chloe Chen ’26
Claire Braxton ’26
Coever Dixon ’26
David Youn ’26
Grey Gibbins ’26
Hart Sands ’26
Jacob Orelue ’26
Kyra Lamptey ’26
Lucinda Cahan ’26
Sims Wetherbee ’26
William McCollum ’26
Zach Jackson ’26
Bee Bowers ’26
Charles Fischer ’26
Joe Lee ’26
Mairead Radtke ’26
Nathaniel Familua ’26
Tate Donaldson ’26
Taylor Pulsifer ’26