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On Leadership, Courage, and Community Building

2023-24 MRC Days Focus on Portrait Qualities
Faculty in The McCain-Ravenel Center for Intellectual and Moral Courage plan five McCain-Ravenel (MRC) Days each academic year. Aligned with Episcopal’s mission and focus on developing intellectually and morally courageous leaders, these days are dedicated to thoughtful exploration of important topics which generally include small group activities, workshops, service projects, as well as addresses by noteworthy speakers.

Reflecting on the purpose of these days, Ryan Pemberton, The William Stamps Farish Fund Director of the McCain-Ravenel Center for Intellectual and Moral Courage, said: “We continue to make connections between the ways leadership and courage help build strong communities. We also want students to see the connection with our prioritized Portrait qualities of standing up for what is right, respecting and valuing diverse perspectives, and committing to ambitious goals in all facets of their lives, while here on the Hill and beyond.”

During February’s MRC Day, students had the opportunity to select from more than forty workshops offered between morning and afternoon sessions. Offerings ranged from learning about Black history and Black history at EHS to exploring non-profit work to participating in community service and wellness activities. Gathered as a community that evening, they heard from Michelle Renee Jackson, a theologian, artist, and filmmaker whose overarching message to students emphasized “there is greatness within you.” A compelling storyteller, Ms. Jackson reinforced the importance of perseverance, of truly embracing lessons learned through failure, and of celebrating successes achieved. 

On the day, Nolte Dukes ’26 said: “I really enjoyed this last MRC day. My afternoon workshop with Mabry Academy was very interesting and I learned a lot about mental performance. Ms Jackson’s speech connected with my afternoon workshop because they both were related to positivity and telling yourself you are capable.”