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Episcopal Librarian Dives into Artificial Intelligence

In January, Episcopal librarian Miranda Selover attended the LibLearnX Conference in Baltimore, Md. The American Library Association describes The Library Learning Experience (LLX) as a collaborative and informal professional development opportunity with the goal of “motivating, inspiring, and engaging in discussions that will shape the future of libraries and communities.”

For Selover, the opportunity to join over 3,000 librarians in a space dedicated to their profession was impactful. “One thing I really admire about librarians is how willing we are to collaborate and share knowledge,” she said. “This conference provided a perfect platform for me to learn from a diverse group of people who serve their communities through their passion for books.”

Selover was particularly interested in the conference’s offerings on the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the profession. According to her, “AI is one of the biggest challenges facing librarians today because it’s so new and vast.. As a professional who interacts with students on a daily basis, my goal is to teach them how to use AI as a co-creator instead of completely outsourcing work.”

As the main study place on campus, Selover aspires to expand the reach of March Library, ensuring students understand its full offerings and recognize its importance on the Hill. This includes a plan to create a webpage for themed book recommendations, curate a reader’s advisory, and develop a form to ask for personalized reading recommendations. 

“LLX served as a vibrant reminder of how many exceptional librarians we have at Episcopal. I’m really excited to lengthen our reach as dedicated professionals and devoted public servants,” Selover said in closing.