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A Look into Recent April Flexperiences

Seeing the Supreme Court in Action
Continuing a four-year tradition paused during the pandemic, School Counsel Stefanie Smith took her Introduction to Constitutional Law students to The Supreme Court of the United States to attend an oral argument. Undeterred that only 30 tickets were available to the public on that day for the Counterman v. Colorado case, which focused on the First Amendment, the class of 19 — accompanied by teachers — camped out overnight to secure entry. “This Flexperience is experiencing constitutional law at its intellectual pique. It is always memorable, and the students’ excitement and engagement never cease to amaze me,” Smith said.    

Briefing the Pentagon 
On Thursday, April 6, Peter Goodnow’s Advanced Government class visited the Pentagon. They briefed Army Colonel Sean Wilson and two colleagues on a hypothetical scenario involving the U.S., Bahrain, and Iran. The students assessed the likelihood of foreign involvement in a terror attack and performed a "risk/reward" analysis on three potential U.S. responses. Colonel Wilson and his colleagues role-played senior U.S. Government officials who critiqued the students' presentation and offered perspective on how such a scenario would play out in the "real world."

American Literature: Poetry, Essay, Story, and Song to the Museum of the Bible
Katrina Reed’s American Literature: Poetry, Essay, Story, and Song class ventured to the Museum of the Bible to explore the allusions embedded in Kendrick Lamar’s Pulitzer Prize-winning album, DAMN. The album harvests several spiritual, biblical, and political references. The trip also served as an opportunity to gain perspective on how influential the Bible has been on American music, literature, film, fashion, education, and politics.