German Student Teaches Her Advanced U.S. Government Classmates

During the 2021-22 school year at Episcopal, nearly 15 percent of the student body is international, contributing important insights and perspectives from 20 countries to the EHS community.  One such international student this year is senior Amelie L., who comes to Episcopal High School from Munich, Germany, via the ASSIST student exchange program, which identifies, places, and supports world-class students from around the globe at leading American independent secondary high schools.  

As a student in Mr. Eldred’s Advanced U.S. Government class, Amelie recently volunteered to create and deliver two informational presentations to the class on last week’s historic federal election in Germany.  Before the election, Amelie taught the class about not only Germany’s system of parliamentary democracy, but also the German electoral system and platforms of the three major parties. Post-election, Amelie walked the class through the results, focusing on myriad important issues such as voting demographics and the possible influence on the election from the “Americanization” of German media. Afterwards, Amelie’s classmates were unanimous in their praise of her highly creative and compelling teaching. 

“Amelie's presentation was concise, well planned and engaging. I learned about the German process of electing leaders and what this means for the country moving forward,” said junior Sydney H. “I was able to connect how Germany operates back to my study of the United States government and critique key aspects of our government so we can collectively move forward and improve the democratic process.” 
From senior Landon O.: “After class, I spoke to several students about our American government and was left in my own thoughts about how we can depolarize politics for the better. Amelie's work showed an ardent and diligent attitude towards schoolwork and left the class with a lot to think about in terms of the U.S. government and how we differ from the rest of the world.”
For more information about international students at Episcopal, please contact the EHS Admissions Office, or Mike McGowan, EHS international student coordinator.