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Teaching in the Covid-19 Era: Six Things We Learned This Summer

Coming off last spring's distance learning, each of our faculty dug into training this summer designed to make best use of new technology and innovative learning platforms to challenge and engage students in diverse ways. They enrolled in a variety of courses through the Global Online Academy, whose mission is to reimagine learning in a globally networked society. We asked our teachers for their favorite takeaways that will transform their virtual classrooms over the next month:

  1. “Distance learning doesn’t have to be distant. We are so glued to our phones most of the day that we can sometimes think of technology as isolating, but seeing each other’s faces over Webex facilitates connection in ways we’ve all missed over the summer.” — Kim Adams, technology specialist

  2. “As a new teacher, I’ve been worried about getting to know my students as easily and quickly as you can in the classroom. That in-person connection might be delayed until October, but participating in small-group discussions and utilizing the chat feature over Webex is a great way for the class to get to know and trust each other.” — Jamie Biondi, English teacher

  3. “Our virtual lives are moving quickly, but it’s important to remember to stop and ask for help. The professional development made me much more comfortable learning new technologies and speaking up when I hit roadblocks.” — Stacie Galiger, mathematics teacher

  4. “Diversifying feedback is more important than ever in a hybrid-learning model. Apart from office hours, we need to find quick moments to check in individually with every student about their progress and their learning to stay connected and engaged.” — Jeremy Goldstein, theology teacher

  5. “GOA’s training reiterated the value of meeting one-on-one or in very small groups. I learned to encourage students to share their screens and watch them work through a problem in real time. It helps identify exactly where they are struggling, and talk them through a solution. It works so much better than having them watch me.” — Colleen Krivacek, science teacher

  6. “I miss seeing students' work in real time. With apps like PearDeck and Jamboard, I can instantly see what misconceptions there may be or who may need an extra hand. The technology is there to make life easier, not harder.” — Sam Slack, Spanish teacher