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The 1971-72 Soccer Team

The first undefeated team in EHS soccer history completed the 1972 season with 12 wins and one tie and a first-place finish in the Washington Metropolitan League.
The team scored 45 goals while only allowing 13. Junior co-captain and forward Hank Osborne (inducted 2009) scored 24 goals and was named regional All-American (he would go on to earn full All-American honors the following season). Co-captain Gene Hooff scored 10 goals and goalkeeper Randy Metcalfe, fullback Sterling Kelly, and Osborne were all named to the All-Metropolitan first team.

In the team’s most dramatic game, it clawed back from a two-goal deficit to tie Landon, defying what Whispers called “insurmountable odds.” It finished the season with wins of 5-0 and 4-0 against St. Stephen’s and Sidwell Friends, respectively, as well as a satisfying 7-1 rout of Woodberry.

Alan Forbes Brackett, Jr. ’72, Henry Andrew Brown III ’72,  Nicholas Browse ’72,  Walter Montgomery Cart, Jr. ’73,  John Carrington Eggleston ’72,  Duval Scott Farrar ’72,  David Nicholas Carlile Follis ’72,  Benjamin Harrison, Jr. ’72,  James Farrier Hobson ’72,  Eugene Prince Hooff ’72 (co-captain),  R. Sterling Kelly III ’72,  Robert D. Lewis ’73,  Grover Cleveland Maxwell III ’73,  John Elphinstone McIntosh, Jr. ’72,  James Henry McKee ’72,  Randolph Carlos Metcalfe ’72,  Andrew Hebb Miller ’73,  Henry Mann Montague ’72,  Henry Sayler Morgan ’73,  Heslett Killin Murray* (coach),  Henry Plant Osborne III ’73 (co-captain),  Thomas Burwell Preston ’72,  Jeffrey Hoffmann Quaritius ’73*,  Landon Haynes Roberts, Jr. ’73*,  C. Thomas C. Russe ’72,  Richard Larcombe Schley III ’73,  Carl Vicars Smith ’72,  R. Wayne Smith III ’72.