Visiting Speakers

EHS Alumni Speak on Leadership to Episcopal Summer Institute

Distinguished young alumni Lauren Marshall '09 and Matt Hurley '08 returned to campus recently to speak to middle schoolers attending Episcopal Summer Institute's 21st Century Leaders Program.
Marshall, who studied political science at the University of Pennsylvania, is a senior policy advisor with U.S. Senator Mark Warner. She was captain of the track and field team while at Episcopal. 

Hurley is an active-duty Army officer who has served in Afghanistan and other global hotspots. A standout lacrosse player while studying international law at West Point, he helped coached the junior varsity EHS team this spring.

The two spoke about their approach to leadership and how EHS helped shape their skills. Science teacher Steve Castle, who runs the 21st Century Leaders Program, invited them and other speakers throughout the week to help the students build their own leadership styles. “The kids learn about a lot of different philosophies of leadership,” Castle said, “and in the last few days, they start to come up with their own.”