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EHS Arts Faculty Hits Memphis With Show at Gallery of Pinkney Herbert ’72

EHS visual-arts teachers are going on the road with an exhibit showcasing their work as well as the artistry of Episcopal students.
“Those Who Can” will run for a month after it opens Saturday, June 15, at Marshall Arts, an 15,000-square-foot arts complex that Pinkney Herbert ’72 created out of a former auto-body repair shop. All five members of the EHS visual-arts faculty — David Douglas, Nat Duffield, Frank Phillips, Junko Pinkowski, and Liz Vorlicek — are exhibiting work that includes digital art, paintings, drawings, photography, ceramics, and sculpture.

“It’s important that we continue to work as artists even as we foster the creativity of students,” says Vorlicek.

The idea for the exhibit began to take shape two years ago, when Herbert exhibited a show of his paintings at EHS during Reunion Weekend. Herbert — a nationally known artist and teacher who has exhibited in Italy, Japan, and Germany among other places around the world — encouraged the faculty to continue their own work and exhibit, just as college art professors do.

“It’ll be great for people to see not only their excellence as teachers but also that they are professional artists,” Herbert says. Local and regional exhibits are good, he says, but the exhibition in Memphis will help the faculty connect to new audiences and gain new perspectives.

“Those Who Can” debuted In the spring of 2018 in the Angie Newman Johnson Gallery of the Ainslie Arts Center. Thanks to support from an Episcopal family, the five teachers will travel to Memphis for the Marshall Arts opening and spend several days visiting the city’s cultural sites. “I can't think of a time that I have felt more excited about an art show and completely supported as a member of this faculty,” Vorlicek says.

Students whose work will be featured in the exhibit are:

Garrott Braswell ’19
Wardie Cammack ’20
Barrett Carney ’19
Kate Castle ’19
Helen Chen ’21
Karla Domingues ’20
Forbes Dudley ’21
Caroline Jones ’20
Tina Liu ’19
Nina Moore ’20
Nora Stanko ’19
Cindy Xin ’20

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