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Angie Newman Johnson Gallery

Those Who Can: May 15 - September 15, 2018

David A. Douglas, Nathaniel Duffield, Frank P. Phillips, Junko Pinkowski, Elizabeth Vorlicek
Reception: May 15 at 6:45 p.m.
Thirteen years ago, I flew down to Episcopal High School for my day of interviews with Jackie Maher, John Walker, Doug Kehlenbrink, David Douglas and Frank Phillips. I was immediately impressed with the Ainslie Arts Center; and the people of EHS convinced me that teaching here, and helping to further build the ceramics program, was my calling.

My husband (Nat) and I moved to campus on what seemed like the hottest day of the year; we were charmed by the way of life on campus when Boota deButts arrived at our doorstep with a smile, and helped with our entire moving van of boxes, furniture, and heavy ceramic artwork. I swear, Boota became a true Buddha in my eyes (I think that I called him just that for about two years). Episcopal continues to be our home, place of work, and life. Daily, we help mold each student’s sense of creative self in the Ainslie Arts Center. The visual arts team diligently works to maintain our own studio practices, as well, whether  demonstrating new techniques to the students, modeling the artist’s way, or broadening our experience through career development. Often, we work side-by-side with the students, meeting deadlines for exhibition opportunities. Sharing in the comradery of Ainslie’s creative community is what we do, and I think that is what keeps the smiles on our faces (well that, and the amazingly strong and delicious Dining Hall coffee... and perhaps the chocolate that is sweetly stocked in our Faculty office by both our Arts Assistant, Michael Windsor, and our Arts Chair, Mark Carter. Thanks for keeping us happy, guys!).  
Through the Angie Newman Johnson Gallery, the visual arts team brings artists to campus that will expand our students’ sense of knowledge, and allow them to realize the depth and breadth of the world of visual art. We consider the gallery an extension of the classroom, where students experience an exhibition over time through visits and daily encounters with the work. We are excited to top off the gallery season with an exhibition featuring the entire EHS Visual Arts Faculty, exhibiting their work together for the first time. We stand behind the philosophy that we teach through doing, and in that vein, we proudly present to you: THOSE WHO CAN.

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