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1998-2016: F. Robertson Hershey

“Rob knows the students, and he knows what is going on with them because he is out there, among them, living and growing up with them.” - Tim Jaeger, Assistant Head for Student Life
Mr. Hershey assumed leadership of Episcopal High School in 1998 as the School’s 11th Headmaster. He led the School into the 21st century, continuing to advance all aspects of Episcopal’s curriculum while leading campus renewal projects designed to support a strong future for the School. These included construction of Baker Science Center, Hoxton Dorm, Crosland Alumni Cottage, Ainslie Arts Center, Hershey Athletics Center, Townsend Hall, Stewart Center, and the transformative renovation of the David H. March Library.

Under Mr. Hershey’s leadership, technology was integrated into the classroom, curriculum, and the entire campus. With Mr. Hershey’s leadership and vision, the Washington Program was transformed to connect EHS students with Washington, D.C., and the world beyond. In the tradition of the Headmasters before him, Mr. Hershey continued to teach, sharing his enthusiasm for economics with his students.

Mr. Hershey served as chair of the board of the Association of Boarding Schools, president of the Virginia Association of Independent Schools, and the North Carolina Association of Independent Schools. Additionally, Mr. Hershey served on the boards of Independent Education, Secondary School Admission Test Board, and the Virginia Secondary Commission of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.