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1967-81: Archibald Robinson Hoxton, Jr. '35

"…the greatness of a school’s head is measured not by what he changes, but by what he preserves. In troubled years of violence, disorder, and savage attacks on ancient values, Young Flick provided a fine balance between old and new, and resolutely kept our School on course." - John White, Class of 1930
Archibald Robinson Hoxton, Jr. ’35 had a long history with the School, making him the perfect Headmaster for the changing times of the 1960s and ’70s. Mr. Hoxton, also known as Flick, was the son of the School’s long serving leader, Archibald Robinson Hoxton, Sr., who was Principal from 1913- 47, and grandson of Episcopal’s 19th-century assistant principal Lt. Col. Llewellyn Hoxton. He was born on the EHS campus in 1916 and during his time as a student was head monitor and valedictorian. He appreciated the values and traditions of EHS and possessed the credibility to implement change.

As a member of the Board of Trustees in 1965, Mr. Hoxton voted in favor of a nondiscriminatory admissions policy. When interviewing for the Headmaster position, he reiterated his intention that the School act on its resolution. He then led the School through racial integration in 1968, with the enrollment of the School’s first African American students.

Under Mr. Hoxton’s leadership, the physical plant grew to include Hummel Bowl and Hummel Learning Center. The Cage was converted into a wrestling arena, and the athletics program was expanded to include cross country, golf, and squash. He implemented the Headmaster’s Holiday, as well as the May Program, which capitalized on Episcopal’s proximity to the nation’s capital by facilitating internships for the School’s seniors.