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Since 1839: A Brief History of EHS
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1913-47: Archibald Robinson Hoxton, Sr. 1895

"Sitting under Mr. Hoxton for three years in mathematics, I found him a teacher thoroughly master of his subject, thoroughly capable imparting it, very patient with the student, if only the latter showed an inclination to do his best, and almost universally successful in inspiring the student to do his best." - Richard Pardee Williams, Jr., Class of 1904, and Principal 1947-51
While saddened by Launcelot Blackford’s retirement, then later his death in 1914, Episcopal was prepared to weather the loss of its beloved Old Bar. With foresight, Principal Blackford had groomed an eminently qualified successor, Archibald Robinson Hoxton, Sr., Class of 1895. Born on Seminary Hill, educated at EHS for nine years, dedicated to the School as a teacher, coach, and administrator, Mr. Hoxton, known by the nickname Old Flick, was a natural choice to lead The High School as Principal.

Mr. Hoxton completed the building projects of his predecessor and launched more with the construction of Bryan Library, McAllister Health Center, the athletic arena known as the Cage, and Centennial Gym, developing the School’s facilities to meet the needs of the new century.

Mr. Hoxton’s sense of humor put his students at ease. Joe H. Harrison, Class of 1925, remembered when as a waiter, he spilled a piece of cherry pie covered in powdered sugar on Mr. Hoxton. Harrison was overcome with embarrassment, but Mr. Hoxton had a good laugh, wiped himself off, and joked, “Joe, do you want to get out of this School tomorrow?”