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Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

The S.A.A.C. serves as a liaison between athletic teams and the EHS administration, as well as between athletics and the entire student body. The group works to facilitate conversations about issues regarding athletics and how athletes are represented within the larger community. Members of S.A.A.C. work actively work to build a sense of community and encourage sportsmanship in all facets of EHS life as well as a positive student-athlete image on campus. This committee provides a forum for discussion where members can provide valuable insights into different athletic issues. Their contributions help to guide the athletic department in shaping department policies. The S.A.A.C meets with members of the athletic department periodically throughout the year.

2019-20 Student-Athletic Advisory Committee

Jared Andreala '20, Hannah Boone '22, Andrew Caslow '21, Lucy Dixon '21, Dymin Gerow '20, Neely Holt '20, John Loughlin '22, Haley Sabol '20, Tre Simmons '20, Tiffany Stowers '20