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On the basis of student and faculty nominations and an application process, the Headmaster appoints a number of seniors to be Monitors of the School. The group then nominates one to be the Head Monitor and two or more to be Senior Monitors. These students are expected to lead the rest of the student body “by precept and example,” and are also expected to help the faculty uphold school rules. To be appointed a Monitor is a mark of respect by the community, and the manner in which the Monitors carry out their dormitory and school-wide responsibilities affect the tone of the School.

2019-20 Monitors

Elijah Gaines '20 (Head Monitor), Gilbert Amason '20, Amber Azmoudeh '20, Claire Boehm '20 (Senior Monitor), Alli Boehm '20 (Senior Monitor), Jane Durden '20, Jack Fitzpatrick, Pierson Gammage '20, Neely Holt '20, Jack Lee '20, Ben Lee '20, Finlay MacKnight '20, Bear Matheson '20, Maggie Mattox '20, Jamall Mensah '20, Cecilia Moore '20, Yareni Murillo '20 (Senior Monitor), Millie Pettegrew '20, Cooper Redd '20, David Rondeau '20, Arman Singh '20, Mary Preston Singletary '20, Wyatt Singletary '20, Tallie Steiner '20, Christian Storch '20, South Wallace '20 (Senior Monitor), Natasha Wanjiru '20 (Senior Monitor), Mike Yang '20 (Senior Monitor)