College Counseling
The Process

Senior Year

Fall of Senior Year 
  • Continue to work on the Common Application 
  • Complete your final draft of the Common Application essay and required supplemental essays.  
  • Work to make the best grades possible as you begin your senior year.
  • Meet with your college counselors early and often.
  • Attend required senior class college counseling meetings and workshops.
  • Meet with college representatives visiting EHS.
  • Attend the College Fair. More than 200 colleges are represented.
  • Visit colleges throughout the fall. Students may be excused from two days of classes to visit colleges. Fall Break in October is a good time to visit a college.
  • Review colleges' application deadlines and other requirements (scholarship deadlines, art supplements, etc.)
Spring of Senior Year 
  • College Counselors will submit mid-year grades to colleges on behalf of seniors.
  • Students are encouraged to work with counselors to express demonstrated interest where important and valued. 
  • All colleges will release admission decisions on or before April 1.
  • If you have been placed on a waitlist, meet with your college counselor to frame an individualized waitlist strategy. Your counselor will be contacting colleges and advocating on your behalf.
  • Inform the college in which you will enroll by May 1, the National Candidate's Reply Date.