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All boarding, grades 9-12 in Alexandria, Virginia

Giulia Caltagirone

Mother of Amber Azmoudeh '20 and Mia Azmoudeh '22

Where did you attend high school? How does EHS compare to the school you attended?

I attended Kent School in Kent, Conn. The culture of EHS is vastly different being billed as a “southern “ school as opposed to the northeast preparatory schools. EHS combines its heritage with with a focus on the future. Because it sits outside of D.C., Episcopal is privy to what is impacting the next generation. Programs like the Washington Program are important and unique to the school, and allow for relatability to the reality of what shapes our world in terms of policy and future. Their father and I had both been to boarding schools in our high school years. His was in Switzerland and a different experience from the U.S. boarding schools, but nonetheless taught him to be independent and resourceful.

Why did you consider a boarding school for your daughters?

We both felt that the boarding environment provides the skills for students to be able to assimilate into college life without being overwhelmed with the novelty of being away from home. Boarding schools prepare students well for university life with the right balance of academic discipline and personal and social growth.

Why did you choose to send them to EHS?

Amber and Mia were given a list of schools to visit and choose from, and the decision was ultimately their own. It was clear to them based on Episcopal’s impressive campus, as well as the resources offered, that it was the right choice. I believe Amber chose it instinctively- she had no doubt it was the right school for her, even though was accepted to all other schools she applied to. She said it felt like “coming home”.

How has EHS impacted your children’s lives?

Both Amber and Mia have grown tremendously: they have finely tuned their strength both in respect to academics and sportsmanship. However, what stands out most to me as a parent is their growth in their own confidence. This is the most important growth: confidence breeds curiosity, which breeds ability, ability and curiosity in turn, conclude to knowledge. That can only be achieved when a child is given confidence, without it there is no growth. EHS rewards each child with confidence in their abilities and fine tunes those skills.

How did the decision to send your children to boarding school affect their relationships with you?

Both their father and I are extremely close to our daughters . We co-parent well and make an effort to communicate with our daughters often. EHS facilitates this through the parent portal as well as their many activities that parents are encouraged to attend to feel part of their children’s community...in essence, we as parents attend the school as well. The close-knit community and parent involvement is truly felt and not just an afterthought. Spirit Weekend is an example of this community and the effort parents make to attend home and away games.
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