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Integrity In Action

Each year, the Integrity in Action Award is presented to an individual who has made a significant contribution to bettering our world. The recipient in turn presents the annual Phillips Integrity in Action Lecture on campus.
The Integrity in Action lecture and award were created collaboratively by former Headmaster Rob Hershey, John Burress ’54, John Walker ’79, and Ed Walker ’85 to recognize and honor former EHS faculty member Allen Carleton Phillips, Jr., whose life epitomizes the highest ideals of honor and integrity, which are at the core of Episcopal High School’s values.

Phillips was a longtime, distinguished faculty member whose devotion to character, integrity, and sacrifice is legendary at Episcopal. Over his 40-year career, Phillips taught English and coached the football, basketball, and baseball teams. During this tenure, he served as Episcopal’s dean of students for 26 years and as faculty advisor to the Honor Committee. Phillips retired from Episcopal in 1994, remaining an active member of the EHS community until his death in November 2007.

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  • Maria Rose Belding Receives 2022 Integrity in Action Award

    This year’s award recipient began making big changes in the world as a mere eighth grader who not only conceived of an idea to address an issue, but also had the conviction to act on it.  At fourteen, Maria Rose Belding was tasked with throwing away the expired food at a food pantry where she was volunteering.
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Past Recipients
1999-2000: John Casteen
   U.Va. president
2000-01: Senator John McCain '54
2001-02: William Butler and Ronald Kuley
   NY Fire Dept. and Fairfax Fire Dept.
2002-03: Nancy Pelosi
   House minority leader
2003-04: Benjamin Carson
   Prominent physician and humanitarian
2004-05: Dana Reeve
   Chair of Christopher Reeve Foundation
2005-06: Wendy Kopp
   Founder of Teach For America
2006-07: Tom Eklund
   Director of Orphanage Outreach
2007-08: Marian Wright Edleman
   Founder and President, Children's Defense Fund
2008-09: Bob Woodruff
   Co-Anchor of ABC News
2009-10: Stephen Lewis
   Co-Director of AIDS-Free World
2010-11: Caleb King '77
   Medical Missionary in Rwanda 
2011-12: Judy Woodruff
   Broadcast Journalist, News Anchor for PBS NewsHour 
2012-13: Paul Farmer
   Founder of Partners in Health
2013-14: David W. Carr, Jr. '73 
   Southern Environmental Law Center 
2014-15: Nicholas D. Kristof
   American journalist, author and op-ed columnist of the New York Times
2015-16: William C. Baker
   President of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation
2016-17: Jean Baderschneiider
   CEP of the Global Fund to End Slavery
2017-18: Wes Moore
   CEO of the Robin Hood Foundation 
2018-19: Luma Mufleh
   Founder, Fugees Family
2019-20: Due to Covid-19 there was no speaker.
2020-21: Dr. Jerry Jürgen Taylor '81
   Emergency Physician and Front Line Covid-19     
2021-22: Maria Rose Belding
   Co-Founder of MEANS Database