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Why Boarding?

Discover Yourself

Attending boarding school is a transformative experience rooted in self-discovery. Episcopal's extraordinary residential community provides the perfect setting for such an unparalleled educational experience.
On Episcopal's 130-acre residential campus, students and faculty live in a setting that promotes the camaraderie of common experience and lifelong friendships. The tradition of the Episcopal Honor Code fosters a trust and respect for peers, mentors, and adults that endures for a lifetime.

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  • Academic Excellence: Inspire and Engage

    Boarding schools provide an unparalleled tradition of academic excellence and diverse curricula, supported by intimate classroom settings, passionate faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities. Dedicated to providing a liberal arts education where students learn to think independently, Episcopal High School teachers seek out student opinions, ideas, and responses.
  • Dedicated Faculty: Creative and Enduring

    At Episcopal, the quality of curriculum is matched only by the expertise of the people who deliver it: nearly 80 percent of the faculty have advanced degrees as well as significant experience in their chosen fields. Dedicated faculty, who see teaching as a calling, not a job, live on campus and serve as advisors, coaches, club sponsors and dorm parents, enabling them to share their wisdom and friendship and take advantage of countless teachable moments whether in the classroom, at seated meals, on the playing field, or on dorm. 
  • Independence and Responsibility: Connect and Grow

    Founded on a tradition of honor, Episcopal fosters empathy and responsibility for self and others through a commitment to spiritual inquiry and growth in a residential community. Students share diverse life experiences, ideas, and values, learning humility, resilience, and mutual respect. Boarding school provides students with independence in an environment of controlled freedom where they learn how to manage their own academic and personal responsibilities.
  • Boarding School Graduates: Beyond the Gates

    When our graduates leave Episcopal's gates, their journeys continue at colleges and universities that best complement their talents, ambitions, and learning styles. Episcopal's graduates attend some of the most selective colleges and universities in the country. Statistics reveal that boarding school graduates arrive at college better prepared for both the academic rigor and social challenges that universities present.
    Boarding schools also offer the priceless gift of preparing young people for future success in their adult life. The academic rigor and the training in negotiating the responsibilities of independence set boarding school graduates on a path to prosperity—professionally, socially, and culturally.
  • Choosing Episcopal: A Way of Life

    At Episcopal, students appreciate the boarding school difference: graduates feel more independent, love to learn, and enjoy taking risks. One recent alumna put it this way, "Choose Episcopal if you are willing to wake up each morning and explore who you want to be. Choose Episcopal if you want an experience where the most important questions asked daily is, 'What is the right thing to do?'"

Ask a Student

Parent of Young Alumna

Episcopal is unlike any other boarding or day institution we know. To have a morally sound close-knit community that spends its days building and educating ethically sound people while exposing them weekly to the vastness of the Capital City as an educational and extracurricular outdoor classroom is one of a kind.