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All boarding, grades 9-12 in Alexandria, Virginia
24/7 Community


Sutton Alford '11

We are blessed at Episcopal to not only have friends and family who want to help us along the way, but also faculty whose lives are dedicated to bettering us as students and also as people. It is a marvelous thing, and it is a key part of the spirit that drew me here all those years ago.
Officially, advisors help students select classes and explore the opportunities Episcopal has to offer. Informally, they become like family to both students and parents. Advisors care about connecting, and students know they can turn to them for advice and support.

Advisee groups are the same gender in ninth grade and mixed gender in grades 10 through 12. Advisors communicate regularly with parents about students' academic progress, other activities, and overall experiences at EHS. Advisors make formal reports at the close of each grading period and will also call or email as needed.

Episcopal's advisory system is integral to the EHS experience and helps bridge the gap between hometowns and a student's home at Episcopal.

Role of Advisors

A few examples of things advisors will do include:
  • Creating another home for students, having their advisees over for suppers or to roast marshmallows on the eve of important exams;
  • Attending students' extracurricular events, such as games, exhibits, and performances;
  • Meeting with their advisory at least five times a week at seated meals and in chapel and weekly in Community Meeting;
  • Opening their homes to students, allowing them a place of respite, reflection, and discussions with a trusted adult and mentor.
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