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  • A

    Academic Review Committee
    A committee composed of the assistant heads for academics, grade deans, learning specialists, deans, and counselors that reviews each student’s academic progress every quarter.

    Every student at Episcopal has an advisor, who plays two primary roles: to serve as the parents’ main liaison with the School and to help each student with making connections to the people and programs at Episcopal. The advisor also helps to set and pursue goals, as well as navigate the normal issues associated with being a teenager. The advisor system is in place to provide every student with a home base in the community.

    Administrative Duty Officer (ADO)
    The ADO is the daily “on-call” school administrator that oversees immediate support for students and faculty with immediate, pressing issues such as health and safety, off-campus leaves, and supervision of student-life programming. A team of six ADO’s rotates throughout the week.

    Advisory Council
    Members of the Advisory Council, promote the interest and welfare of EHS. They serve as resources to the Board of Trustees, Head of School, and Administration as they study and make recommendations concerning various aspects of School life and programs.

    Afternoon Activities Program
    Afternoon Activities Program, also called Afternoon Options, is designed to provide each student with a quality, structured experience that, through athletic and/or artistic pursuit, imbues values such as teamwork, sportsmanship, creativity and competition, while encouraging students to develop and pursue special interests and talents. All students are expected to participate in a sport or School-sponsored activity during each afternoon throughout the School year.

    Ainslie Arts Center
    Built in 2003, the Ainslie Arts Center has a recording studio, black box theater, and dance studio; classrooms for arts courses; and a formal art gallery, the Angie Newman Johnson Gallery. Ainslie Arts Center is adjacent to Pendleton Hall.

    Alumni Cup Challenge
    Episcopal vs. Woodberry Alumni Challenge golf tournaments pit the skills of EHS alumni against those of WFS graduates. One of the goals of these events is to use the spirit of competition for which both schools are known for to create an endowment supporting financial aid for deserving students with financial needs.

    Anderson Dormitory
    The freshmen girls’ dormitory located in Robertson Hall.

    Angie Newman Johnson Gallery
    A formal art gallery in the Ainslie Arts Center where student and professional artists work is displayed.

    Located on the second floor of Bryan Library, the School Archives houses historical documents and items from the very beginning of the School’s history to today.
  • B

    The chapel service in honor of the seniors that occurs on Commencement weekend on the afternoon before Valedictory. Junior and senior students are both required to attend.

    Baker Science Center
    Built in 2005, is a LEED-certified, green building offering state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories.

    Berkeley Dormitory
    A dormitory for male students, refer to as “Berk.”

    Blackford Hall
    Blackford Hall houses the Dean of Students Office, Business Office, McCain-Ravenel Cube, and the Washington Program.

    Board of Trustees
    An appointed body consisting of alumni, families, and friends that meets three times a year to evaluate the state of the school.

    Bocock Wrestling Cage

    Wrestling practices and meets are held here, also known as The Cage.


    On the Thursday night before The Game, a bonfire is held as a part of the pep rally. Parents and current students are welcome to attend.

    Bradlee Center
    Commonly referred to as the Center, Bradlee Center is located within walking distance from campus. It is home to a variety of businesses, including a grocery store, post office, Walgreens, Starbucks, Michael's, and several restaurants and salons.

    Bryan Library
    One of the oldest buildings on campus, the Bryan Library was completely renovated in 2007. Since the renovations, students have been using the library as a place for quiet study and reading. The EHS School Archives are housed on the second floor of Bryan.

    Buffet Lunch/Dinner
    During these meals, food is served buffet style and students do not have required seating or attendance, nor be in class dress attire.

    Burch Outdoor Program
    A five-day hiking and climbing Outward Bound trip held in the fall and is required for all 9th grade students.
  • C

    Campus Supervisor
    The on-call administrator for a 24-hour period who provides support on campus ranging from events to urgent situations.


    A portal in which faculty upload and post assignments for students.

    Centennial Hall
    Centennial Hall holds locker rooms, training rooms, the security and equipment offices, and basketball and volleyball courts. Centennial was completely renovated in 2010 as a part of The EHS Promise.


    A group of seniors that promote school spirit, primarily by supporting EHS athletics. The group communicates to the student body about upcoming games, leads cheers at the contests, and strives to encourage and support the school's student-athletes.

    Class Deans

    Each class has two deans: one for the boys and one for the girls. They check in with students who are struggling academically and participate in the review of students at the end of each quarter.

    Closed/Community Weekend

    All students are required to stay on campus during these weekends, of which a few occur throughout the year. The community weekend at the beginning of the school year is filled with fun bonding activities, while the closed weekend at the end of the year is the perfect time to study for exams.

    Community Council

    Elected student government group made of members from each class.

    Community Meeting

    Held every other Tuesday before lunch, Community Meeting is a chance for students and faculty members to share news and information with and make announcements to the entire community.

    Crosland Academic Support Center

    The Writing Center offers students help with organization, writing claim statements, finding supporting quotes, composition, and/or editing. Located on the second floor of the Learning Center, the Writing Center is open from 8 to 9 p.m. every evening. Students drop by at 8 p.m. or schedule appointments by checking the schedule on the door.

    Crosland Alumni Cottage

    The alumni cottage has four bedrooms available for use by alumni and other friends of the School while visiting campus.

    Cum Laude Society

    Students are inducted into this national honor society during their junior or senior year in recognition of their outstanding academic performance.

    Curriculum Committee

    Committee headed by the Assistant Head for Academics and comprised of department chairs and the director of the library that sets policies and procedures for matters pertaining to curriculum.
  • D

    Student art and literary magazine.

    Dalrymple Dormitory

    A dormitory for female students, referred to as “Dal.”

    David H. March Library
    Housed in Hummel Learning Center, the March Library is the School’s main library. March Library was completely renovated in 2010 as a part of The EHS Promise.

    Daytime Academic Study Hall (DASH)
    Daytime study hall is for students that have achieved below the required grade point average, 9th and 10th grade below 82 and for 11th grade below 80. Students report to study hall during their daytime free periods, check in with a proctor, and work on projects, write papers, and prepare for tests and quizzes.

    deButts Health & Wellness Center

    Health Center nurses are available to students 24 hours a day. The Medical Director and School Counselors are on-site during the school day, Monday through Friday, and additionally as needed.

    Double Diamond Expedition

    A dozen students, accepted on an application basis, travel on an outdoors-based adventure through Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. This trip is sponsored by Trustee Emeritus Chairman John L. Townsend III '73. Learn More.

    Dorm Team

    The team of faculty and staff members assigned to preside over dorm duty for each dorm. Each team is led by the head of that dorm.
  • E

    Evans Dormitory
    A girls’ dormitory.


    Exams are given twice a year at Episcopal: before Winter Break and during the last week of May, before graduation. These exams are each two hours long and will count 20 percent of the semester grade. AP exams may be three hours long and will count 25 percent of the semester grade.
  • F

    Family Weekend
    Occurring twice a year in the fall and the spring, this event allows families to visit campus, meet fellow parents, watch their child’s athletic contests, and schedule meetings with individual teachers and advisors.

    Finals Dance
    Similar to prom, Finals is a dance held off campus each spring. Every EHS student is invited, and all attendees are bused together to the dance location and back to campus afterward for a midnight breakfast.

    First 48
    In 1991, Episcopal began a transition to coeducation by enrolling its first 48 girls. This group of girls is commonly referred to as the “First 48.”

    Flippin Field House
    The Field House is a multipurpose space where teams practice in inclement weather and the indoor track team competes in the winter. At the end of the school year, the field house is transformed into the Valedictory ceremony. As a part of The EHS Promise, Flippin Field House was completely renovated in 2010.

    Four Columns
    Publication highlighting Commencement and other year-end events.
  • H

    Harrison Dormitory
    A girls’ dormitory in Robertson Hall.

    Head Tour Guides

    A group of seniors who work with the Admissions Office to manage the student tour guide program.

    Henderson Hall

    Henderson houses Hummel and McGuire Dormitories.

    High List

    Students with a weighted average of 90 or above (unrounded) receive recognition on “The High List.” The High List is announced four times per year; first quarter, first semester, third quarter and final year end.

    Honor Code

    The most respected tradition at Episcopal, and the key to our whole community, is that of honor. The Honor Code fosters a sense of community and trust that pervades and enhances our experience. Students shall do their own work, represent themselves truthfully, and claim only what is their own.

    Honor Committee

    The Honor Committee hears all cases referred to it involving an alleged violation of the Honor Code. The Committee is comprised of eight students elected by their classmates; plus three faculty or administrators and the Faculty Advisor to the Committee, who are appointed by the Head of School.

    Hoxton Dormitory

    A boys’ dormitory.

    Hoxton House

    The main building on campus, houses the Head of School's Office, other administrative offices, and Laird Dining Hall. Built in the early 1880s, the house was the home of George Washington’s granddaughter, Elizabeth Custis Law. The School logo is representative of Hoxton House.

    Hummel Bowl

    Outdoor athletic facility with 2,800 spectator seats for football and lacrosse games, referred to as "the Bowl."

    Hummel Dormitory

    The freshmen boys’ dormitory in Henderson Hall.

    Hummel Learning Center

    Includes the David H. March Library and many foreign language and mathematics classrooms, as well as a computer lab and study hall. As a part of The EHS Promise Capital Campaign, the Hummel Learning Center was renovated and completed in the fall of 2010.
  • I

    Integrity in Action
    The Phillips Lecture on Integrity in Action was established in 2000 by Headmaster Rob Hershey, John Burress ’54, John Walker ’79, and Ed Walker ’85 to honor Allen Carleton Phillips, Jr. Mr. Phillips was a longtime, distinguished faculty member whose devotion to character, integrity, and sacrifice is legendary at Episcopal High School. Most notably, he served as Episcopal’s dean of students for a remarkable 26 years and as faculty advisor to the Honor Committee.
  • J

    Jay Walker Symposium
    The Jay Walker Symposium celebrates John Luther Walker, Jr. ’54 and his love of music. Sponsored by Walker 's family and friends, the program takes place once a year and brings live concerts to the EHS campus, with guest musicians working with students in class and attending an open session with student musicians.

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  • L

    Laird Acres
    The 32 acres of undeveloped woodland behind the Hummel Bowl. Laird Acres was given to Episcopal High School in the early 1920’s by W. W. Laird, class 1896.

    Learning Specialists

    The Learning Specialists at Episcopal High School support students academically. They work directly with students to: organize their materials, prioritize their assignments, find student or professional tutors, and/or apply for accommodations on standardized tests. Students are referred to the specialists by their parents, teachers, and advisors.

    Leave, Day or Overnight
    Daytime and overnight leaves are now done through Orah and must be approved by the deans' office.

    Refers to the restriction a student could have, including is a Friday night or weekend restriction, work hours, or more.
  • M

    Mass Meeting
    Campus-wide pep rally in support of EHS athletic teams and events. Mass Meetings are called spontaneously by the Cheerleaders and other senior leaders.

    McCain-Ravenel Center

    Formally, McCain-Ravenel Center for Intellectual and Moral Courage. It coordinates and supports signature initiatives at Episcopal, including the Washington Program, Global Programs, Leadership and Ethics, Outdoor Leadership, and Service and Civic Engagement.

    McGuire Dormitory

    A boys’ dormitory in Henderson Hall.

    Monitor System

    On the basis of student and faculty nominations and an application process, the Head of School appoints a number of seniors to be Monitors of the School, the group then nominates one to be the Head Monitor and two or more to be Senior Monitors. These students are expected to lead the rest of the student body “by precept and example,” and are also expected to help the faculty uphold school rules. To be appointed a Monitor is a mark of respect by the community, and the manner in which the Monitors carry out their dormitory and school-wide responsibilities impact the tone of the School.
  • N

    National Chamber Players
    The National Chamber Players have been the resident chamber ensemble at Episcopal High School since 2004. Made up of members of the National Symphony Orchestra and other prominent artists from the Washington, D.C. area and around the nation, the National Chamber Players perform four concerts a year in Pendleton Hall, in the Ainslie Arts Center.

    Nighttime Academic Study Hall (NASH)
    The Academic Review Committee may assign students experiencing academic difficulty to NASH during the evening study period. Students in academic difficulty may not attend plays, concerts, or other activities during NASH unless that activity is required for a given class.
  • O

    On Dorm
    A term that refers to being within the physical dorm – “I spent the weekend on dorm.”

    The platform the school uses to track students’ location, on-campus and off.
  • P

    Patrick Henry Callaway Chapel
    The entire School community meets in Callaway Chapel three times a week. On Fridays, service is led by students and often features musical performances and student reflections.

    Pendleton Hall

    Adjacent to the Ainslie Arts Center, Pendleton Hall features a state-of-the-art auditorium with more than 500 seats.

    Penick Hall

    Home of the Admissions Office, Alumni and Parent Programs Office, Advancement Office, and Communications Office, Penick Hall is often a prospective student’s first stop on campus to meet with admissions officers and embark on a tour of campus.


    A common jogging route around the outside of campus (i.e. “I’m going to run a perimeter this afternoon.”)

    Power Down
    The time of the evening that students are encouraged to turn off all lights, power down electronics, and go to bed. This ensures students receive the proper amount of sleep and are budgeting their time to complete all homework assignments. Lights out times are determined by grade level.


    The Prefects are a small group of juniors chosen to providing strong dorm-based engagement and mentorship. Prefects are ready to do the difficult work of helping our new students adjust to life at boarding school, as well as build strong dorm communities in Anderson and Hummel dorms.
  • R

    Robertson Hall
    Robertson houses Anderson and Harrison Dormitories.

    Roll Call

    Every gift to the Roll Call, Episcopal’s annual fund, makes an impact on the lives of EHS students. Through annual giving, alumni, parents, and friends of the School honor their experience with EHS and enhance students’ high-quality boarding school experiences.
  • S

    Student Assistance Team extends aid to students in need of special support. A full definition can be found in the Student Handbook.

    School Store
    The EHS School Store sells School apparel, gifts, school supplies, and snacks. It is located in the bottom level of Stewart Student Center.

    School Year Abroad

    Through Episcopal's membership in School Year Abroad (SYA), qualified juniors and seniors take part in yearlong study abroad programs in China, France, Italy, Spain, Vietnam, and Japan.

    Scoir is a comprehensive website that Episcopal students and their parents can use as a resource in the college planning, selection, and application process. The college counselors use Scoir to track and analyze data about college and career plans, providing up-to-date information that's specific to Episcopal High School.

    Seated Lunch/Dinner

    Seated meals occur during the academic week. During advisory meals, students sit with their faculty advisor and the rest of their advisory group. During rotation meals, students are randomly assigned to tables with a faculty member and several other students. Seated Dinner is on Wednesday nights and commonly referred to as "seated."

    Seminary Hill Cup

    Founded in 2008, the Seminary Hill Cup (SHC) is an annual match-up between rivals EHS and St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes girls’ athletics, with athletes on the varsity and junior varsity teams competing to claim the title of the cup.

    Senior Externship
    The Senior Externship offers EHS seniors the opportunity to broaden their educational experience through participation in work or service projects in the Washington, D.C., area. They are encouraged to avail themselves of the numerous opportunities for independent study the Nation's Capital offers – service organizations, legislative offices on Capitol Hill, law firms corporations, research labs, small businesses, hospitals, etc. – or to put together a focused independent study project here on campus. This takes place during the month of May.

    Senior Parent Gift

    Since 1996, the parents of the senior class have generously funded a special Roll Call gift to EHS in honor of their children.

    Senior Parent Roll Call Committee

    A group of parents volunteer from the senior class that spearhead the Senior Parent and Grandparent Roll Call Gift.

    Service Council
    The Service Council hosts fundraisers and arranges volunteer opportunities at local elementary schools, day care centers, Head Start programs, homeless shelters, food banks, and environmental sites.


    Spectrum consists of passionate student volunteers that not only educate, but explore different perspectives in order to broaden the EHS community’s horizon. The group strives to acknowledge and celebrate uniqueness, a powerful tool that brings outside perspectives into our own community. By embracing these points of views, differences strengthen and enrich Episcopal. The group values the radiance of each individual’s unique qualities that collectively shine as one beautiful spectrum.

    Spirit of The High School Dinner

    A dinner held on the Friday night before The Game. It is a celebratory dinner that alumni, parents, and faculty are invited to attend. Students have a separate dinner and dance and are not permitted to take leaves to go off campus. 

    Spirit Weekend

    Spirit Weekend is centered around The Game. One of the longest continuous high school rivalries, The Game has been played since 1900. Spirit Weekend events include The Spirit of The High School Dinner, the Maroon and Black Ball, as well as tailgating before and after The Game on Saturday. Students are not permitted to take leaves to go off campus. .

    Stewart Student Center

    Stewart Student Center is the space formerly known as Stewart Gym, which was constructed in 1913 at the conclusion of Headmaster Launcelot Blackford’s tenure. It served as the first athletic facility on campus and was renovated and reopened in 2016 as a student center. Stewart also houses the School Store and post office.

    Student Vestry

    A group of students selected by the school chaplains and other Vestry members who provide spiritual leadership for the student body and assist with the Chapel Program.

    Summer Study Abroad

    EHS sponsors summer language and cultural programs (lasting about four weeks) that take students to France, Spain, and Austria. The programs include homestays with local families, classroom study, and visits to historical and cultural sites. To qualify, students must have completed the 9th grade and at least two years of foreign language study in German, French, or Spanish.

    Supervised and Unsupervised Study

    During the academic day and in the evening from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m., specific time has been set aside for students to study. The evening period of study is certainly the most important and one which the School makes every attempt to protect and preserve from distraction or incursion. Students’ rooms are their primary place of study. Supervised study halls are available during the day and evening for those who require it.
  • T

    The Center
    See "Bradlee Center" entry.

    The Chronicle

    The EHS student newspaper.

    The Game

    The oldest continuous high school football rivalry in the South, The Game is an annual football game between Episcopal High School and Woodberry Forest School. Since the first match up in 1900, The Game has become one of the most important events throughout the school year for students and alumni.

    The Pledge

    All academic work at Episcopal is automatically pledged, whether an actual written pledge is given or signed. When used, the written Pledge is: “I hereby certify upon my honor that I have neither given nor received assistance on this examination, nor am I aware of any breach of the Honor Code.”
  • V

    Held the Friday evening before Commencement, awards are presented for student academic and athletic achievements at this School-wide ceremony.


    An evening chapel service that is held on approximately once a month.
  • W

    The Washington Program
    The Washington Program provides the opportunity to use the resources of the Washington, D.C., region. The ninth grade and tenth grade World History courses introduce the student to the structured use of Washington resources. There are class-oriented academic tours on Wednesdays that generally involve about half of the students in the School. These tours include theater and concert trips for English, theater, and music classes. In addition, there are many voluntary outings referred to as cultural connections. For seniors in good academic standing, the culmination of this program comes with participation in the senior externship.


    The School's Yearbook.

    Work Hours

    Work hours are a form of consequence and are generally held from 8-10 a.m. on Saturdays.

    • The Washington Program

      The Washington Program provides the opportunity to use the resources of the capital area. The ninth grade and tenth grade World History courses introduce the student to the structured use of Washington resources. There are class-oriented academic tours on Wednesdays that generally involve about half of the students in the School. These tours include theater and concert trips for English, theater, and music classes. In addition, there are many voluntary outings referred to as cultural connections. For seniors in good academic standing, the culmination of this program comes with participation in the Senior Seminar.
    • Valedictory

      Held the Friday night before Commencement, awards are presented for student academic and athletic achievements at this School-wide ceremony.
    • Vespers

      A nighttime chapel service that is held on a Monday approximately once a month.
    • Whispers

      The EHS School Yearbook.
    • Work Hours

      One of the main forms of consequence. Work hours are held Saturdays and Sundays from 9-11 a.m.
    • Wrestling Cage

      Wrestling practices and meets are held in “The Cage.”