Though school will continue to look different this winter, we are developing creative, dynamic ways to stay connected, have fun together, and help students forge relationships with other students as well as faculty.

Student Life

A group of faculty and staff is planning new events and activities with wintertime in mind. They will work with student leaders to offer a variety of programs, mixing in student favorites with new ideas to provide something for everyone. Students will take advantage of good weather when it comes and will have socially distanced indoor options available when winter is in full force.

What to expect

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  • Outdoor firepits

    will continue to be a staple of the weekend program.
  • Casual gathering spaces

    will be created around campus using tents with side openings.
  • Clubs will offer their signature events

    throughout the winter months.
  • Dorms will be a key hub

    of student life. The first two to three weeks will feature activites, games, and events intended to bring dorm "family groups" together.

Community Moments

The weekly schedule will continue to feature an array of opportunities for students and faculty to meet and build relationships in small groups and as a school. It features:

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  • College-like office hours.

    Each course will set aside two blocks a week in which students and faculty meet one on one or in small groups to discuss classwork and projects.
  • On-campus Wellness Days.

    The School has designated several on-campus wellness days for students in 2021. There will be no class on these days, and students will be given time to catch up on work, sleep, and social time with friends.
  • Community Gatherings.

    From last spring’s Senior Celebration, we recognize the importance of bringing everyone together as a group, hearing announcements from students and faculty, and watching the videos that are a Community Gathering staple. These weekly online meetings will include students attending EHS remotely.
  • Two advisory meetings weekly.

    These dedicated times for advisories (including students attending EHS remotely) are new to the schedule in the 2020-21 academic yeaer. Advisors also will have weekly one-on-one check-ins with students in their groups.

Spiritual Life

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  • Chapel services will be held twice a week.

    Because prevention measures and state restrictions likely will prevent schoolwide gatherings in Callaway Chapel, the chaplains and student Vestry will organize virtual worship. Services will be broadcast over LocalLive for students attending EHS remotely. On campus, students will gather in small groups to participate. All participants will have access to a digital Chapel Song Book for ease of use.
  • The chaplains will continue the traditional Sunday worship service.

  • We hope to use Callaway Chapel as a space

    for personal and small group meditation, reflection, and worship.