Plans for the Jan. 16 Arrival on Campus

  • See a Deans Office communication with details about how families will sign up for time slots for the health registration and move-in on Jan. 16.

  • See a Health Center communication with an overview of the steps that families need to take before their students return to campus.

Begin Self-Quarantine Jan. 2

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  • The two-week self-quarantine period

    will be vital to helping us establish a healthy baseline when the community returns. It begins Saturday, Jan. 2, and continues until students arrive at School.
  • Guidelines:

    • Avoid travel, particularly travel on planes, trains, or other public means of transportation. If travel is not avoidable, wear masks, avoid common-touch surfaces, and wash your hands and use hand sanitizer frequently.
    • Limit contact with individuals outside your immediate household.
    • Lay low; stay at home as much as possible, leaving only for essential purposes.
    • If you must leave your home, wear a mask and practice appropriate physical distancing of 6 feet or greater.
    • Avoid densely populated spaces or gatherings with those not in your household.

Select a Pre-Arrival Test by Jan. 5. Take the Test Jan. 10-12.

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  • Who must take a pre-arrival test?

    The pre-arrival test is a critical part of our strategy to establish a healthy baseline for the community. All students must take a Covid-19 PCR test before their return to campus and show proof of a negative result.
  • How do I get a test?

    Families can arrange and pay for their pre-arrival test in the way most convenient for them. You can, for instance, use an at-home test kit or get a test through a primary-care provider, a clinic, or a public health agency. See possible testing providers below.
  • Can I take a rapid antigen test?

    No. EHS will not accept results from rapid antigen or antibody tests.
  • What test provider does the Health Center recommend?

    Families should make their choice of a test based on your assessment of cost, reliability, convenience, and the turnaround time for results. If you are uncertain whether results will be delivered in time, we recommend you order the Vault Health at-home test kit. Students would take the test on Sunday, Jan. 10, after 12:00 p.m. or on Monday, Jan. 11, and return to Vault on Monday.

    Please note: This test option requires advance planning to ensure the test is ordered and sent to you in time for testing on Jan. 10 or 11. Be sure to have your test kit delivered to you so that you can do the at-home test collection on January 10 or 11. Then return the test sample no later than January 11.
  • What other test providers could I use?

    This database from the federal Department of Health and Human Services lists testing provides in every state. The department also maintains a state-by-state list of public and nonprofit health centers, some of which provide Covid-19 testing. PLAN IN ADVANCE. Cost, insurance coverage, and access to testing for those under 18 years old vary widely.
  • What dates should I take the test?

    Testing must be done between 12 p.m. noon on Sun., Jan. 10, and 12 p.m. noon on Tuesday, Jan. 12. This timing is important for the tests to be most effective on arrival, so we cannot accept results for tests taken at other times.
  • How do I make sure that I receive my test results in time?

    PLAN IN ADVANCE! Turnaround times for PCR test results vary. When making arrangements for the student’s test, confirm that the test provider can deliver results in time for you to submit them through your Magnus Health record to the Health Center by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 14
  • When do I submit my test results?

    Families must submit proof of a negative test no later than 5 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 14, through your Magnus Health record.
  • How do I upload my results to my Magnus Health record?

    1. Log in to the Parent Portal.
    2. Click the orange “Magnus” button, then click on your child’s Student Health Tracker.
    3. Follow the prompts to upload forms.
    4. Before uploading, please verify that each form is complete and contains the required information.

Begin Screening Jan. 10

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  • Starting Sun., Jan 10, students will begin a daily screening

    via SafetyApp, including a temperature check and questions related to symptoms of illness and possible Covid-19 exposure. Screening should be completed by 10 a.m. each morning. Students who were on campus in the fall should already have the SafetyApp. Those arriving on campus for the first time will receive an invitation to download the app; the sender name will be "SafetyApp."
  • The SafetyApp will include

    information regarding health guidelines and prevention practices. See the "Protocols" section.

Forms Required for the Return to Campus

These documents must be uploaded to students' Magnus Health records for review by the Health Center before a student can return to campus. 

Pre-Arrival PCR Covid-19 Test Selection Form (due Tuesday, Jan. 5)
Families must complete and upload this form to notify the Health Center once they have made plans for the students' Covid-19 PCR test.
Covid-19 Declaration Form (due Sunday, Jan. 10)
Based on the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics, we are requiring that students who have had Covid-19 be evaluated by a physician before returning to campus. Every family must complete and upload this form.
Negative Covid-19 PCR Test Result (due by Thursday, Jan. 14, 5 p.m.)
Students must take a Covid-19 PCR test before their return to campus, complete this form, and upload proof of a negative result to their Magnus Health record.

Key Dates

Jan. 2
Students' self-quarantine begins.
Jan. 5
Pre-Arrival PCR Covid-19 Test Selection form deadline.

Jan. 6, 7:00 p.m. EST
Virtual meeting to discuss return to campus.
Jan. 10
Covid-19 Declaration form deadline.
Jan. 10
Students begin Covid-19 screening via SafetyApp smartphone app.
Jan. 10-12
Students complete pre-arrival PCR Covid-19 test. 
Jan. 14, 5 p.m. EST
Test results deadline. Students must submit PCR Covid-19 test results to the Health Center through their Magnus Health records. Please submit this form in addition to results.
Jan. 15
Health Center sends students approval for their return to campus. 
Jan. 16
Students return to campus.