#EHSTogether Social Compact: Covid-19

The challenge of maintaining a healthy campus will require a commitment from everyone — students, faculty, and staff — to consistently follow prevention practices and guidelines for the greater good of the community. Students will be asked to sign the #EHSTogether Pledge upon arriving to campus:

List of 3 items.

  • I commit to caring for myself...

    • Complete a daily symptom check using the EHS-provided smartphone app
    • Wash my hands and use sanitizer often
    • Report to the Health Center if I am not feeling well  
    • Seek help when I am feeling overwhelmed, unsure, or unhappy
  • I commit to caring for others...

    • Maintain appropriate physical distance
    • Wear my mask when I am supposed to
    • Live and eat in my dorm “family group” when asked to do so 
    • Be cooperative and honest with medical personnel   
    • Be respectful of others who are anxious about or more vulnerable to the virus
  • I commit to caring for our community...

    • Keep our community spaces neat by cleaning up after myself
    • Follow instructions and directional signs on campus
    • “Buy-in” to these commitments and play my part as we work for the greater good of the community  
    • Have a positive attitude and lift the spirits of those around me