Afternoon options will be offered during two sessions in the second semester. While it is our intention to support all the offerings listed here if possible, the range will depend on student interest, facility limitations, and the evolving regional and campus health situation.

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  • All arts programs will be offered, though with numbers limited in some cases to the room space available.

  • Faculty members are tailoring curriculum and programs for appropriate physical distancing and will use outdoor spaces when available and when weather allows.

  • Production of the annual winter musical will begin before students return to campus. Dance and theater programs will work together for the performance.

  • Music programs will focus on private lessons (either through our Webex video-conferencing system or in-person with physical distancing); chamber groups; and solo/duet instruction. Performances likely will be presented online.

  • Science Olympiad students will continue preparing for both engineering and book events in February’s competition. Afterward, they will prepare for a school-wide competition at the end of the session.

  • The yearbook staff will work on the publication from multiple locations using shared publishing software.


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  • Can students leave campus for an event or practice with a private instructor?

    As health conditions currently stand, we initially follow prevention measures that limit individuals coming to and going from campus. We will reassess as the semester progresses and hope to relax these measures if possible.

    We will consider special student leave requests to participate in off-campus activities. If you anticipate a special leave request, please email Assistant Head for Student Life Doug Dickson ( with details about the timing and the activity. We encourage families to place requests now or as soon as possible. Though we will review requests and make preliminary decisions, final decisions cannot be made until nearer the time of the event and will depend on health conditions in the campus community and the local region of the event.